Have We Lost Our Minds?


People are being coerced to take an untested and unapproved “vaccine” for a “pandemic” with no symptoms and a tiny death-rate. Children who are not in any danger are being targeted. The adverse reactions are horrendous. The “virus” appears to attack Blue States and leave Red States like Florida relatively untouched. The vaccine pushers just happen to be satanists and eugenicists. They have a plan to reorganize society and take our property. They think this is a good “opportunity” to implement it. What are the chances that the vaccine pushers are behind this psy op? What are the chances that these covid vaccines are really designed to control and/or sicken and kill us? 90% imo. Communism and covid have this in common: You must pretend to accept a lie and act as though it were true.

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Vaccine Impact Forum News Reviews Medscape Forum of Medics Reporting Vaccine Mishaps
“The plan all along was to inject as many people as possible, irregardless of the cost on human life, because the Globalists at the top want to reduce and control the world’s population anyway. And this product, which is now known to be a bioweapon, is their ticket to the future to achieve those goals.”

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