The Maine Assembly Tuesday 8:00pm

By: “Xj Digger” <> 

* President Donald J Trump Gave America back to the people and closed the Washington DC Swamp. * We the People Voted 80% for President Donald J Trump to finish cleaning up the government swamp and return the government mission to serve, protect and defend the freedom and liberties that belong to all people in America and across this world. * The People need to assemble and cleanup the swamp in Maine in order to get back to the Maine life, the way it should be. * The People need to assemble to reform the State of Maine Government back to the constitutional common law that the people ordained in 1820. * We need to seat 30 people in the state assembly and 13 people for each county to establish the common law in Maine in order to drain this swamp in an immediate order. * Then we the people stand up for President Donald J Trump to reform America.

* Welcome to the Maine Assembly Conference
    – Maine Assembly is being created by the guidance of the of Michigan
    – Required information material to learn
            – Red Beckman presentation – Fully informed Jury –
            – Handbook

    – Maine state Assembly is to settle an interim dejure state of Maine.
        – Our Duty is to settle the constitutional dejure counties.
        – We the People will reform the Grand Jury Process in Maine.

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*** Talkshoe phone and Computer instructions
 * Connecting by phone:
    – Dial-in number: 1-717-734-6904 Show ID: 6752 555#
 * Access PIN:  Anyone with a Talkshoe account should enter their assigned PIN number, followed by # character.
    – Guests without a Talkshoe account may enter 1# as their PIN code

 * Name of show: Maine Assembly Podcast
    – *6 will unmute, or mute if pressed again
    – *2 will “raise one’s hand” to be noticed by the moderator
 (Note that this is not a toll-free number and could result in charges for anyone who does not have a national calling plan)

 * To connect over the Internet via computer, a tablet device, or smartphone:
    – The link for joining call on computer is
    – Show ID: 6752 555#
    – Access PIN:  Anyone with a Talkshoe account should enter their assigned PIN number,
        followed by # character.
                       Guests without a Talkshoe account may enter 1# as their PIN code

 * Note: Prior to connecting to a live conference, one should go to  and run their audio test.

 * You can use your computer or tablet’s speaker to listen to the show, but if you plan to participate by speaking then please use headphones or ear buds, otherwise you will create a feedback and echo loop.
 *  If you remove your headphones, do not lay them down anywhere near your computer, as the sound emanating from them will feed back into the computer’s microphone.  
 * Please remember to mute your microphone whenever you are not speaking.
 * Click the microphone icon within the rectangle which represents you to mute or unmute yourself.  
 * If the microphone icon is red, you are muted.

 * Everyone is encouraged to go to and open a free account and obtain a member PIN number which will be needed to join a conference call show.   
    – Although non-member guests can use 1# as a PIN to join a call, doing so will not enable other attendees to see who such guests are.  
    – We will not be choosing comments and questions from guests, you must be registered so we know who you are.

 * The show is unlisted, so only invited attendees or their invited guests, will know when the show is live and how to connect.  
 * Anyone may enter the show’s waiting room by joining the call up to 15 minutes before the scheduled 8:00 pm show time.  A chime will be heard when each individual enters.  
 * All who enter are initially muted, but can unmute to introduce themselves to others and may feel free to enter into discussion with others before the presentation begins, at which time all will be muted again.  

 * At certain times during the presentation, when desired to have participants speak, a participant can “raise their hand” to let the moderator know they wish to speak, and the moderator will unmute that individual.  

 * When speaking, please stay on topic and keep statements as brief as possible in order to avoid time overruns and allow others to also speak.  
 * After speaking, please say “I yield,” and mute yourself.   
 * One can listen on speakers, but the preferred method is with a headset or ear buds.  
 * If you do listen on speakers, you should turn them off before unmuting your phone or microphone or this will cause echo due to sound from your speakers re-entering your microphone in a loop.  
 * Anyone calling in to the podcast on an Internet phone (VOIP) should refrain from attempting to speak, as the resultant echo due to latency (delay time) will be substantial and confusing to all others.  
 * Also do not attempt to speak when in speakerphone mode, as the voice quality will be poor and this will also create an echo loop.

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