What Did I Tell You About Killing Their Priority Creditors?

From Anna von Reitz  <avannavon@gmail.com>

I cannot believe that people are still being coerced and “shamed” and otherwise hounded into “voluntarily” being vaccinated with this goop.

As Priority Creditors of these Monsters, we all have a bulls-eye target painted on our backs. 
They don’t want to pay us.  They make more money by killing us.  Wake up.

They are in the process of killing millions of Americans, and have already killed millions of people in India.  For God’s sake, wake up.  Now.  

This isn’t a “war”.  It’s a commercial crime.  And the British Crown is the main perpetrator. 

Again.  Still.  All the people in all the countries that have suffered under the lash of the British Raj since World War II are at risk. 

The military isn’t going to save you.  The military Paymaster is a British Corporation — SERCO.  Haven’t you observed that the military is standing there with thumbs inserted?  

They are a big part of the whole problem.   They are the ones who have been in control of our money since 1863.  Read General Order 100. 

The military brought you the first big “public bankruptcy” in 1906.  Prior to that, they removed all your gold to “safe-keeping” offshore in the Philippines.  The Federal Reserve scam and bondage?  The military again.  The Great Depression?  Kennedy Assassination?  Tricky Dick?

The Two Party System? The crooked “Government” accounting system?

The Crooked Idiot Biden? 

All this and more has been brought to you by Uncle Sam’s Merry Men. 

You think the military is going to clean up the CIA when they depend on the CIA and its 78 subsidiaries for all that juicy Black Ops funding?  

So here they are, tacitly participating in a “Soft Kill” of the American People that they are supposed to protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic. 

Here they are, letting drug cartels pour over our Southern Border and transferring money intended for the Border Wall, to construction at overseas bases instead.  Leaving us wide open at home. 

No more shameful display of cowardice, dereliction of duty, and negligence has been observed in a thousand years.  Perhaps they all think that if they stay quiet and don’t move, nobody will notice?  

Put the hammer down and call these politicians out.

Do it, knowing that we are going to lose friends and co-workers and loved ones and many will even lose their own dear children because of these profoundly evil men and women. 

And because you have all sat on your rumps and let these traitorous fools rule over you. 

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