The Greatest and longest Deed-Fraud Scam – Part 2

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Subject: Part 2 Deed Fraud

The Greatest and longest Deed-Fraud Scam – Part 2 – By Robert-Dean: House

Real Paper Terrorism:

Now that I have identified the criminals, here is the rest of the scam.

16. This can begin many different ways, the tax deed contract did not get to the owner, it was lost, stolen, never sent or as in my case a refusal to participate, contract, with a fraud. “If you know something is wrong and you do nothing, you are part of it”.

17. Under their codes and statutes which are in fact for them and those who are willing to participate under them as their Citizens, they have two years after no extortion fees have been paid to go into their planned next step. They have had two years to inform the owner, now renter under tacit consent of a deed contract, thus making no one a property owner for a deed is an encumbrance as a second party owner. They make claim that the tax was not paid, post a notice in the local paper and set a date to sell the deed, now get this, via Public Auction, bid starting at the proposed tax estimate of $13,066.00. The real estate agent who got the bid got it by adding the amount of the delinquent tax to that above and had paid around $15,000.00 for property valued at $40,000.00. He can now flip this for a tidy profit. The County got its tax money. This particular agent has, in the public record, 11 other deed purchases. Also under their own laws, property can not be sold if there is a lien on it until the lien is satisfied. In 2014, attorneys had decided that I was at fault in a parking lot vehicle to vehicle accident and demanded $1,600.00 for damages. No contact with my side of the story that he hit me and admitted it. Anyway, they avoided this law and went ahead with the sale. This is how they keep the owner from lawfully selling the land until he/she pays the fraudulent attorneys claim, now a court order. Thus encumbering the land. A deed sale of any land is to create a conflict between two real live people which is a violation under common law and is a trespass on the part of the seller for which no one will take responsibility.

18. The next step is where they entice the property owner / tenement to lawfully sell the land. They put the $13,066.00 into a special account for the property owner as an insurance refund. They then post this to where certain people have access to it and would make the owner an offer of helping them reclaim this property value of $13,066.00. Of course, out of this will come their fee and any other debt owed such as the lien amount. Once the owner accepts this now lawful contract, he/she just lawfully and legally sold the $40,000.00 worth of property for $13,066.00. Bernie Madoff could not have done a better scam.

19. Until this transaction is made, the agent can then resell the property and quickly move it out of his/her possession and putting the fraud and legal theft onto another party thus creating another conflict for which it would be very hard to prove and the battle will now be between the original rightful and lawful owner and the new unlawful but legal owner.

20. To this day, I have not answered the many letters and phone calls of people notifying me of the funds. I know from my own past experience of once being one of these people who finds such funds. If the owner does not make claim to the funds from this account which is kept for seven years, it is then transferred to a State account until it is claimed. In most all the letters of notice, they too commit fraud for they say that the funds, if not claimed, is lost to the State. That is not true. The property in question can never be sold for it will have a, “cloud of title”, and as long as someone keeps a claim to being a rightful and lawful owner.

21. Oh, by the way. The property tax you pay goes into the county CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, general fund account. (For more detail go to the site, CAFR1). This money feeds the beast of the Tri State Cities known as D.C. corporation, City of London corporation and the Vatican and was used in the destruction of the peoples on this earth. Thus, you are paying for your own demise. I said was used, meaning that those three entities have been closed down since 2019 so now the money is being hoarded by those holding the accounts within the cities, counties and State corporations.

22. The real estate agent used a third party attorney to contact me of the legal situation and under common law and according to their own Statute 2.01, common law is in effect, I could not be made to answer to an attorney who was abiding by hearsay. All papers and documents had passed through the USPS and one was a summons by a licensed STATE OF FLORIDA Corporation process server. The summons was refused via a form of affidavit of non acceptance of a contract. The summons, as they often are, was written in five different languages and created by the attorney, more on that later in #26. The other documents were sent to HOUSE, ROBERT D. or ROBERT D. HOUSE or some other version of the all caps name which was also on the Summons. These were sent back as, return to sender, improper name usage or no such people and is a trespass upon my name which is my property. Once I got one of these letters, I looked them up in the,, web site or in the public records under Hestor’s name or my name and made copies for my records. My form of affidavits were properly done and put into the public record and into the now created case number by an Administrator of the court, (Judge), who had accepted the Attorney’s hearsay documents. I refuse to go before such judgment for I know justice will not be done because you see, the man / woman on their bench is also of the Corporation and the BAR. (British Accreditation Registry, a foreign entity).

23. Due to time and space, I will not list all 17 corporations of the STATE OF FLORIDA, DUNS and Bradstreet business names and numbers. You may look them up by using the phone number of 302-637-5400 at this site, D&B D-U-N-S Number Lookup ( You can also use this site to look up your county, city or state corporation numbers.

24. All three of these are listed on DUNS and Bradstreet under the phone number 941-637-2281. THE STATE OF FLORIDA OF JUDICIARY COURTS at 350 E. Marion Ave. Punta Gorda Fl. 33950-3727 D-U-N-S number 555437706, THE STATE OF FLORIDA OF JUDICIARY COURTS, same address as above but under D-U-N-S number 555437912 and JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA at 118 W. Olympia Ave Ofc. Punta Gorda, Fl. 33950. D-U-N-S number 555437 961.

25. There are four so called Charlotte County circuit judges who are Administrators under and for the above corporations. Geoffrey H. Gentile is the administrator for my case above. The county corporation also has three county Administrators.

26. The attorney of whom Hestor hired to do his bidding is Paul A. Ryan who fabricated documents of the property deed fraud and entered them into their corporate court. When the process server handed me the summons, I asked her if she new what language it was in and she claimed, English. In fact, I noticed at least five different languages thus making such a document fraudulent and nullified from its creation. Three examples: The word Summons is Latin, the all caps name is a Glosses in American Sign Language and usually represents a deceased person and the signature is in cursive / running hand. Find more on language use in the Chicago Manual of Style. When such a document is sent through the mail and has the an all caps name on it, not only are the contents of the envelope mail fraud but so is the envelope. This is a serious crime and trespass on people and their property.

27. Hestor hired a second attorney, Michael P. Haymans who fabricated an easement from the East, of fifty feet of my south property so others could pass to their 40 acre property for which there had already been an easement from the West found in the public record at, Grant of Easement, book 339 page 983 July 27, 1970. This easement was through Orange Co. Elico property, thus, I believe is the big money behind all this. This too was ignored by all and created a wrong being committed in the form of a trespass upon and against my property. All those above who are claiming Government possessions as principal and agents of, are committing Treason against the people others are trespassing and / or other crimes.

Thus, the full truth and nothing but the truth.

Robert-Dean: House ph. 239-229-6243 (WHO CAN HELP RIGHT THIS)?

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