There is a conference Tuesday June 22. You must reply to get a seat in the Maine Assembly Conference

*** The importance of this Maine Assembly

 * The Maine Assembly can run a Grand Jury to present information to public servants and instructions.
    – State assemblies is the central communications to County and town
    – People helping people assisting neighbors when help is needed
    – Town/City and Counties are the local authority group where the people keep informed.
 * The people in the early days met in town meetings and counsels to governors
        – People would discuss local issues and when there were grievances, they would inform the public servants on what they wanted them to do
 * The people need to be involved in instructing public servants on solving problems.
    – Problems are usually local problems
    – some times needing help from neighbor statewide.
 * If the people don’t have a voice, the power elites will keep trying to rule over us.
 * If only the people could gather and organize the issues to inform public servants ….
 * The state, county and town assemblies is where the people manage the public servants in their jobs.

 * We the People need to organize our important issues.
    – Education and Truth in Information
    – Food and medical safety
    – Covid 19 mandates
    – Voter fraud
 * Send your list of grievances to organize to reform Government activity

*** The Process of the Maine Assembly
 * Organizing a lawful body of people according to the law of the Land in Maine and America.
 * We are organizing 30 or more people to join into the Maine Assembly
 * Then the Maine Assembly will be assisting the organizing of the counties into a lawful body of people to guide the town, county and state Government according to the Constitution for Maine.
 * Duties of the people is to ensure a fair elections of our public servants
    – The people have the authority to control the voting process
    – The people count the vote and inform the public servants on the results
    – Government servants was not granted the duty to manage the election process by Constitution.
    – This process was usurped by the public servants by fraudulent means and deception.
 * The people have the right to the grievance process
    – With a properly functioning Grand Jury of the people
    – When the public employee is non-responsive to the will of the people
    – The people can enact the complaint though the grand jury

  * To start the grand jury
    – The people list their grievances that needs to be identified in the process
    – This is part of the process in organizing the grand jury
    – ?? A form of the grievance list is presented at this time.
    – When a dejure grand Jury arises, the defacto by law has to step down

 * The duty of the people is to instruct our will on the duties expect from our public servants.
 * Our founders created a government system to defend and benefit the rights of the people, not to rule over the natural inherent and unalienable rights of the people and their private property.
 * We are here to reform our government back to the origins that our founders gave the people of the union of states in America.

*** We need people
 * If you are willing to learn about and follow this process you will need to reply to these emails to get your names on the list so we will know who to contact on our meetings and inform about the activities.
 * If you have Questions please reply and ask.
 * If you have grievances on our government system send your list to us so we will know the important things that we have to address, this is necessary action from the people.
 * If you want to help with this process reply and tell us what you are willing to help with.
 * The best activity that people can do is organize and participate in your local town/city and county groups.
 * Our goal of the Maine assembly is to support the local town/city and county groups.

*** Why we need the Assembly
 * President Donald J Trump Gave America back to the people and closed the Washington DC Swamp.
 * We the People Voted 80% for President Donald J Trump to finish cleaning up the government swamp and return the government mission to serve, protect and defend the freedom and liberties that belong to all people in America and across this world.
 * Simple statement made by President Donald J Trump. “We will have a new government controlled by the people”.
We are it! There is nothing else.

 * Our nation got established by local assemblies to ensure the qualities of life in their locality.
 * It is the responsibility of the people to ensure that the public servants are performing their duties according to their oaths given before they qualify to take a seat in any government job according to the charters of the town/city/county/state to abide by the constitutional mandates ordained by the people.

 * I know there are some really great people lurking on this email list, You need to stand up and help Maine get ready for some very big changes. This is the time for action from the people.

This is extremely serious and important to assemble now and be ready for some very great changes.

Reply to this message by email to get onto the Maine List
Include your county location.

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