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My view of the Traffic Stop | By :Robert-dean: House.

From the beginning:

1. The first thing that happened was that the LEO’s, Law Enforcement Officers, spotted the tag. However, as a past LEO myself, it takes at least three minutes to put a tag number in a computer and wait for the feed back unless you were, “set up”. However, Tom’s tag in the video had no information on it or instructions for the LEO’s. This got him stopped. According to them this is probable cause based on suspicion. They are also assuming that the (vehicle) is registered within their corporation, STATE OF ______.

2. We know that the LEO’s work for the Corporations run by Attorneys and their Legal system. What I did to avoid this over site under a form of affidavit, under self governance, I hired a second party to create a tag which I designed and claimed, on the affidavit as my copyright / patent tag. I then, under their Babble English Language, had this document notarized by one of their agents along with two witnesses and put it into their public record, at, under Robert House. It was also certified with the State seal and all living peoples God given seal of the right thumb print in red ink over the last letter of their witnessed autographed name. A copy was then sent to the Secretary of State, Florida, Secretary of State D.C. and also to the Clerk of my County Court via certified, or registered, mail via return receipt. In the affidavit, I also claimed all four of my conveyances, (vehicles, one is a trailer), as my property as one owner. Thus, nullifying any and all fraudulent claims such as, but not limited to, a Registration. The tags were associated with each vehicle’s VIN number and concern was made in reference to the LEO’s being able to identify ownership of the private property. I will try to attach a copy of a tag. Vehicle tag 06-13-19 2d copy.pdf Example: RDH1-1848, was over the photo of a ring neck dove sitting on a fence post. The 1 was changed to a 2, 3 and 4.   Vehicle tag 06-13-19 2d copy.pdf

3. I also placed a claim to the tags, (but I forgot the sticker decal), that I had purchased from the DMV, a corporate entity of the STATE and under many titles, via the Clerk of Court in 2019 for I did pay for them in full. Note: Thus is why we have to re-contract every year as their renters. I opted out of that contract with one of my own under common law of self governance which when it goes unanswered under common law it is deemed as being accepted via what is called tacit consent.

4. I want to pause for a moment in the attempt to get everyone reading this to comprehend that the people who we believe to be our protectors in Government are NOT. When our original government voted themselves their own contracts and then voted to turning the Government, by usurpation, into a business for profit corporation they committed high treason against the people. Make no mistake about it. This has happened in every city, state, county and federal entity not only in America but around the world. We have no Government, therefore our contract known as the Constitution is not in affect and can not be with a corporation who has no contract with the people. Anna Von Reitz informs us how that has come to past.

Back to the tag and your first line of defense of your private property.

5. I kept the corporate STATE issued tag on my property for some time as I traveled to and from town on regular private business in hopes of being stopped and issued a citation or two. Why, Because I know that each citation is an attempt to contract and is fraud orchestrated under fear, deceit and your consent. I needed the documents as evidence of such.

6. I was stopped many times and was given nothing but a verbal warning and several other times came close but the LEO would get up close to run the tag and a few minutes later went on his way and one of them was an unmarked, I know these things.

7. Another time, I was speeding in a construction zone, over 10 mph, and a Deputy was coming towards me, he was using radar, he applied his lights to u turn in traffic behind him and pulled me over. He had no time to run the tag for which I knew. As he approached the back of my truck he could see the expired tag, the decal was 2019 and this was late 2020. He approached the passenger side window and saw no seat belt being used and asked to see a drivers license, registration and proof of insurance as he waited for the return information from dispatch over his side radio with an ear mic. I stated that I was not using one as I was traveling and I handed him a copy of the affidavit contract I had with his STATE corporation and said he will find all the information he needed on the document which includes my name and address, etc. He took the folded document and started back to his SUV but paused on his way. He then turned, after getting the unknown instructions over his radio, and handed the document back to me turned again and started back to his vehicle. I was disappointed of not getting a citation and yelled out the window if I was free to go. With his head low and not turning back, he just gave me a thumb up sign. I was on my way.

8. The above situation did give me some information that my Affidavit had an effect on their corporation but they will never tell us what it is we did correctly for fear of losing their pay checks if everyone did the same.

9. On April 6, 2021, I was again stopped. This time they used a stinger devise, I can not prove that, for the officer was waiting for me as I approached a four way intersection way out in the country at 8:30 in the morning. A large box, pull behind, gravel truck faced me stopped at the red light. I slowed and noticed the officer parked in a field drive to my left facing the intersection. I had just got off the speaker phone with a friend as the light turned green, I kept going without a stop and the truck proceeded. The officer could not have seen the tag from where he was and had to wait until the truck passed and the light changed. He did not wait for the light and within a minute he had his lights on and seconds later had me pulled off the road in another field drive.

10. He approached my passenger side as I signaled him to, and asked to see my drivers license and registration. I just stated I am not answering any of your question. He then asked if I had any weapons in the vehicle. I responded with, “No, I am not answering any of your questions”. By then another unit showed up as he went back to his unit to write four tickets, FLORIDA STATE CITATIONS, (CONTRACTS). Within 30 minutes a tow truck showed and we were 40 minutes from the tow truck place of business. He was notified before hand. The deputy gave me four white fax type citations and did not require me to sign anything. One for expired tag six months or less, another for no insurance and the other two had no violations marked on my copy. (It was later after a judge, administrator, of the corporation, via the clerk of court sent me documents for the two above then one for no proof of insurance and for failure to carry and exhibit a drivers license). Before being towed he let me take all my property out of the truck. Later that day, along with a friend, I bailed it out and found the tag was still on it and they let me take it on the road without a registration but they required proof of insurance for which I had purchased just down the road at a local Family Insurance agency. Each one of the citations had a fine of $113.00. I spoke to them much like Tom did in his video and gave fair warning of the theft they were committing. (That will be for another day).

11. Within the 30 days to reply as it was instructed on the back of the citations, around day 12, I sent the clerk of court, via the now assigned case number, an affidavit of no contract. I’ll try to attach it here.

(AFFIDAVIT)STATEMENT-OF-NO-CONTRACT cert..pdf . Keep in mind that all is done by the clerks who run the Administrators. The administrator here, John L. Burns’s mark is used to make things look legal. Here is one of the documents I received. By the way, it is all fraud and mail fraud to boot. Citation 3E filed 4-20-21 5-6-21.pdf  

12. The affidavit was received via return receipt and a clerk made a motion to a Sovereign Citizens statement. Three of the charges, statute violations, were dropped just the registration one remained. Then the clerk send me another notice for which the judge, administrator is denying the no contract affidavit. See here. Citation notice of fine 6-11-21.pdf  Also added was $136.00 court cost.

13. I have yet to answer his hind-ass with a similar affidavit as this one to the hind-ass who signed over 10 acres of my land to a real estate agent. By the way, the land out here is now going for $10,500.00 per acre not 4k which I had thought earlier. LIVING TEST. PROPERTY CLAIM p-1 of 2 5-10-21.pdf   LIVING TEST. PROPERTY CLAIM p-2 of 2 5-10-21.pdf LIVING TEST. PROPERTY CLAIM p-3 instructions 5-10-21.pdf

14. The actions by these fraudulent people have been costing me greatly and I feel it necessary to ask people who can and will contribute what they can to my Bank account. I am a real people and I do not hide from the truth nor do I fear what may result of it, so I will post here my Bank address, tracking number and my account number for all.

Charlotte State Bank & Trust

1100 Tamiami Trail

Port Charlotte, Florida 33980 Tracking number 067013179. Acc.# 4161372

In this way those who wish to be anonymous may do so.

15. I have been trying to contact Tom of the youtube video below but no luck yet. My phone is 239-229-6243.

These are the attachments that would not open for the article, “My view of the Traffic Stop”. by :Robert-Dean: House. Email me and I will send you the active pdf links.

www.Vehicle tag 06-13-19 2d copy.pdf

http://www.Citation 3E filed 4-20-21 5-6-21.pdf

http://Citation notice of fine 6-11-21.pdf

http://LIVING TEST PROPERTY CLAIM p-1 of 2 5-10-21.pdf

http://LIVING TEST PROPERTY CLAIM p-2 of 2 5-10-21.pdf

LIVING TEST. PROPERTY CLAIM p-3 instructions 5-10-21.pdf


Thank you.

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