The main purpose of an Assembly

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*** What is the Assembly
 * The main purpose of an Assembly is to spread the knowledge and truth
 * In the early days there were no phones, radio or tv so people had town meetings.
 * People assembled in Churches to share the knowledge of God and society.
 * The people in the churches of the early days shared knowledge of their communities also.
 * It was the way people were informed of the local happenings.
 * If there was problems or trouble happening those activities were discussed and people would gather together and help solve the problems.

 * In the days of the American Revolution, the people organized political organizations called Committee of Safety where our founders organized and communicated the law of the day and established the American government.

 * This also happened in around the year 1215 when British land Barons created the Magna Carta to handle the problems of the King being inconsistent with his rules and order.

 * Today we have the same basic problems where our government form has been overstepping their authority and wanted to take over the world by an ancient family line that dates back to Cain Killing Abel.

 * In the Days of the American Revolution where our founders threw off the Kings rule to create a government Republic whereby the people were the authority and all government workers swore an oath to defend the natural, inherent and unalienable rights of the people before they could work in our government

 * Today the people of America has very little knowledge of our history and we have Phones, radio and tv and now the internet, but the people are more ill informed about the truth of the world than the the people had in early days when we only had local assembly in the churches and town meetings organized by the Committee of Safety.

*** Time to put this assembly plan together
 * With the problems that we face today with a government that has become so out of control, which the people who stole the 2020 election and packed the government seats through fraudulent election with people who want to change the American government to a total authority to rule and govern the people without any respect to the natural inherent and unalienable rights of the people.
 * Our founders wrote the rules of government giving the people the total authority over the law found in our constitutions, yet a huge percentage of the people does not know our authority exists because the whole system got hijacked by some very evil people who worked in secrecy to plan the control and destruction of the American society founded upon a Republic form of government.

 * It is most essential that we assemble to educate ourselves with the facts of History, the truths about the American constitutions and our authority to decide what the law is and the ability to reform our government personnel of their duties to the people and also prosecute the crimes done by a few people who believe that they took over America.
 * This is serious work
 * Our duties as people is to control the government for our God given rights to rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heaven, and over the beasts, and over all the earth, and over everything that creepeth and moveth on the earth. As found in Genesis 1:26
 * Our authority is “unalienable and indefeasible right to institute government, and to alter, reform, or totally change the same, when their safety and happiness require it” as found in the Maine Constitution Article 1 Section 2 Authority of the people.

 * It is time to gather together and create Assemblies in our towns/city, counties and state to inform our family, friends and neighbors and all others we meet about the truths facts and history of what American Freedom and Liberty means.

 * We the People must learn how to assemble.

 * The Emergency is now, and All Americans have a duty to do their part.

 *** Communication
 * We the People must learn to communicate with one and another.
 * Group email list
    – Reply all conversations
    – We can communicate through Group email letters where discussions can be held by Reply all on your own email groups to share the information.

 * The social media groups have filtered their discussions and banned people who write the truths that would destroy their power they believe they have over the people.

 * Maine has an unfiltered group called in “MeWe” and “STAND UP, MAINE!”
 * And Rick organized a page for our group called “MAINE ASSEMBLY”
 * Maine Republic Website and Forum
    – Being reconstructed to do the work for the Maine Assembly.
    – Forum is being cleaned up from attackers

 * Let us all get busy and raise our voices to instruct our government that we are the authority to our own Freedoms and Liberties to reform our government back to the original authority.

Xj Digger

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