Editor’s Note RE: The American Citizenship Test

Good morning and Happy July 4th. I recently learned from Bloomberg editor David Shipley that the American citizenship test wasn’t standardized until the 1950s, and before that aspiring citizens were quizzed on their understanding of American history by a judge. It was…pretty hard. Here are several questions you might’ve been asked to become an American citizen in 1944. How would you do? See what your ‘thinker’ has to say.

  1. Which of the following states seceded during the Civil War? Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky
  2. Which of these cities has not been a capital of the US? NYC, Boston, Princeton, Philadelphia
  3. Where must all bills intended to raise revenue originate? Popular referendum, the House, the Senate, the president
  4. Which was not one of the original 13 colonies? South Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia, Maine

— Ed. David Robinson

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