Reference to video titled “Click! Poof! Your Gone”

Reference to video “Click! Poof! Your Gone”— by :Robert-Dean: House.

This is what the people get for the ignorance of wanting to go all automated.

Chris Sky says that the digital I.D. will nullify your rights and freedoms. What he fails to say is that people have no rights or freedoms if they claim they are citizens of the Canadian Corporation only privileges granted by them. Within the first minute of the video he fails to point out that this is where the people are headed ever since they thought that the progress of science of making life easier is a good thing. Is fumbling with a credit card at the store check out easier than using cash?

Then Stew Peters talks of citizens without knowing the meaning of the word, “Citizen”. Look it up Stew.

5:30, They mention the Government. If one was to research it, one would find that there are no true Governments any more, they are corporations connected to the One World Corporation. This is why one has no rights, they were deceived into joining the corporation as a, “citizen”.

8:30, On the Screen it says, “ILLEGAL SPEECH”, in all caps. Satan’s system is the legal system the people keep functioning in vs. the lawful system of God. The legal system is the world of Babylon not that of the united States or any other country and could very well be centered in the city of New York which may soon be destroyed and become uninhabitable for ever. Compare this to Revelations 18, all of it.

9:55, He speaks of conditions, (contracts?), which he can not breach such as the stay at home order. This is nothing more than in your face deceit and the people consenting for not knowing better. Orders are not law and the main true law of God is to do no harm to another nor to his/her property guided by the commandments.

12:49, Sky talks of the RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ( Are they still mounted?) Has he identified their association with DUNS and Bradstreet as a for profit corporation? If he knew of this he would be pushing it as much as I do as proof of the fact that they are not associated with or part of any Government. So why would anyone take orders from them? If K Mart security expanded from the building to the parking lot then to the streets around it and onto the neighborhoods would you obey their orders?

15:00, Sky is being hounded because he is a citizen by his own admittance and because he has not corrected that technicality in his life. He goes on talking like a doctor, speaking of the symptoms of the problem and never the source of it, which is the citizenship via the Birth Certificate.

17:20 Here they talk about Children but still use the slang word of Kids, both have their own meanings. If those who expect to teach others on what actions are proper but do not know the difference between the meaning of words, it is no wounder the people are so dumb down.

17:30 Banning all gas powered cars by 2035? This is what the elite would like to see happen but from all that I am seeing and hearing, the elite are the ones going extinct. What the people do or do not do between now and then is who will decide that. If people do not wake up to the powers of the system over them, then they, the people will lose

18:00 Being shut off like a switch. If people continue on the wrong path of accepting the deceptions with consent they will be shut off and will like it too. Stop consenting. Stop giving into fear. But first stop being a citizen under their orders. Get out of Babylon and quit using the corporate credit cards, use cash so it does not become as lost as the people have.

21:00 Unplugging the people. How can they do this if one was not plugged into their system? Isn’t this why Stew and Chris are having this conversation, to wake the people of the truth? But how can they when they don’t know. Just keep putting fear into the people to get them in conflict with others. “Get a flip phone and leave the computer at home”. C-36, Canadian congress, (K Mart board members), going to pass more censorship upon their citizens, (employees). Are you starting to see how all is connected to the circle of deceit and consent? Evil can only work its nasty deeds by consent. It uses others to put fear and intimidation out. Once one sees the truth of these corporations one will wounder why we have not seen it until now. Evil is not Government. It is the corporations acting as Governments. Did the people vote for their Government to become a for profit corporation. I do not remember doing so, do you? And stop registering to vote in their corporation and giving up the RIGHT of suffrage to a power of attorney after you register. Bet you didn’t know that? Don’t believe me? Research it. In the united States, about 135M people gave up their right of suffrage and registered to vote in the corporate government. Thus about 215M did not consent to the deceit.

22:38 Hate crimes? Who has been harmed and or his/her property? This can only apply to those accepting citizenship under the corporate rule. I have been out of the corporation since 2017 by rescinding all fraudulent contract via a form of affidavit identifying the facts.

22:48 This really gets me, Chris is going to the vipers den to get help in getting out of the viper corporation of Canada and into the United States viper den. See their USC Title 28 ss 3002 paragraph 15. Oh no, research again? One bad move after another and getting deeper and deeper into their cesspool of deceit. Note for Chris: research :Russell-Jay: Gould for a shipping label to get into the States or any other country. It was posted on this site last week.

26:00 Taking the mask off after getting the vaccination. I just confirmed yesterday that employers can not ask if the employee has been vaccinated thus they no longer where the mask unless they choose to. And those that choose to is due to their honesty to the dishonor.

26:40 What happens this fall will depend on how many people get out of the beast system by way of a form of affidavit making claim of to who he/she is and serving the corporations that hold them in bond-age

27:00 People need to comprehend that there is no vaccine for a virus that does not and never existed out side of its patent contained in the petri dish. It died after 20 minutes of being exposed to the environment. Yes, there is a patent on one and there is one on CS gas too and you see how it must be deployed to work. It too evaporates after a time. By the way, you think you have to go to a patent corporation to claim a patent, your wrong. Under self governance and common law, I copyright and patented all four of my vehicle tags, (one was a trailer), via form of affidavit, officially recorded them in the public record and other records and then notified the County, State and Federal CORPORATIONS and gave them instructions to pass on to their LEO’s, (K Mart security). The tags were associated to the V. I. N, numbers and claimed as private property.

28:15 Getting rid of the cash and was cut off by Stew. Yes, go all cash and speed up the check out line. They can not take what they do not know you have. Ex. A two party contract for what ever payment is not recorded with the Babylonian System. Get out of Babylon, what do you think that means?

28:30 Everyone coming together will never happen out of fear already incorporated into peoples heads. This is why one must take the first steps on their own then come together with the like minded people. The corporations work and breath the legal system and is why the form of affidavit under the lawful system goes unanswered by those within the legal system. Don’t let that bother you for theirs are under statutes of limitation of usually 7 years. Ours, under the lawful system, has no statutes of limitations. That is a plus for us.

The end. “The Lord gave me stew from the sky and I was fulfilled”.

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