Scan the shot.

From Robert <>

Did you get this short video?  It is not about the dog but about the woman who has her shot-arm area scanned and a 15-digit NUMBER shows up on the scanner screen.

Watch a dog get micro-chipped:

“Microchipping a dog is one way to assure that they have a permanent identification, so in case they loose their collar, etc, etc.”

The scan of the left-hand, un-vaccinated-arm registers –“NO ID FOUND”– the scan of the right-hand, vaccinated-arm registers –XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX–

WHAT?? – NO!!!

It can record a total of 15 digits in all.

“You first have to make sure they don’t already have a microchip.”

“He felt this prick for a second.”

“Now we can use this scanner, it comes up with a microchip number and a number to call.”

Editor: The German SS under Hitler used yellow arm-bands, and markings to mark the Jews!

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