Don’t wait, just do it.  By :Robert-Dean: House. <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

What he says near the end of the short video is what i have been trying to tell people for 5 years now.  How to stand up against an entity you can not see.  One that uses deceit and hides under a title such as but not limited to a city, count, state or federal corporate government. 

1.  Do a Live Life Claim of who you are and exit their control by disclaiming citizenship within their Corporate Realm.   

2.  Do the claim under common law self governance via a form of affidavit with, now three witnesses, no notary because they work for the state, do not use cursive signature use your printed autograph in your own hand.  Place your right thumb print in red ink over the last letter of your last name. 

3.  Put a one dollar stamp on the upper right corner of the document.  (Start your affidavit far enough down from the top of the form to allow room for the stamp and then some).  Place your autograph in red ink on an angle through the stamp and thumb print over the last letter. 

4.  Take it to the post office in a self addressed stamped envelope and have the clerk stamp the stamps, the envelope too, with the date seal making it an international certification which supersedes that of the corporate state.

5.  Then make copies of the original and certify mail one to every fake entity you can think of, such as but not limited to Clerk of Court, judges, Secretary of State and D.C., Governor, tax collector, property appraiser, county and city commissioners, Attorney General, DMV, etc.

 The Survival Of The Fittest – Must Watch Video! – Dr. Charlie Ward (drcharlieward.com)

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