Property tax fraud

From Robert <>

The Charlotte County, Florida, et al, Property Tax Fraud

Investigation by Robert-dean:House

1. “In the past since I thought that I had owned land as property, I paid, under deceit and tacit consent, a property tax due to the fear of some entity falsely putting a claim to my property”.

2. Since 2015 up to today, I have investigated the taxing authority of the Charlotte County, Florida Tax Collector, Vickie L. Potts, doing business for profit as, CHARLOTTE COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR located at 18500 Murdock Cir Rm 241, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948-1075 under phone number 941-743-1350, also under FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY SAFETY AND MOTOR VEHICLES located at 410 Taylor St. Punta Gorda, Fl. 33950-4849 under phone number 941-743-1350, also under FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY AND located at 18500 Murdock Cir, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948-1350 under phone number 941-743-1350 all under D-U-N-S number 097021717 and under ROTONDA SANDS CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION located at 6868 San Casa Dr. Englewood, Fl. 34224-7910 under phone number 941-743-1593 and D-U-N-S number of 048399654.

3. The Charlotte County, Florida, Clerk of Court, Rodger D. Eaton, doing business for profit as, COUNTY OF CHARLOTTE located at 18500 Murdock Cir. Ste. 423, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948-1068 under phone number of 941-637-2199, under D-U-N-S number, 040223463 and as, BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS located at 350 E. Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, Fl. 33950-3727 under phone number 941-637-2199. The Clerk of Court has also been doing business with the Corporation of, FLORIDA TAX CERTIFICATE FUND, LLC located at 6210 Pasadena Point Blvd. Gulfport, Fl. 33707 under phone number 727-546-8676 under D-U-N-S number 004144185. I have found the two Charlotte entities and other supposed elected county services to be fraudulent Corporations acting as governmental agencies operating under color of law statutes. True Governments can not be incorporated entities such as those indicated by the D-U-N-S numbers.

4. In 2002, I contracted with the Meerwarth Trust via Steve Baker, real estate agent, a 20 acre parcel of land by the metes and bounds of, West ½ of the North ¼ of the Northwest ¼ of Section 26, township 40 South, Range 26 East in Charlotte County, Florida via Trustee’s Deed. The Deed of contract was recorded with the Charlotte County Clerk of Court on 04-05-02 in book 02023 page 1984, it was not gifted to them. This parcel measured 1317.67 feet by 658.60 feet. It was surveyed by Kermit E. Roan on June 5, 2002.

5. The agreed upon fee was met under contract and the property was turned over to me and under the Law of Nations, there are no laws impairing the obligation of contracts.

6. Shortly thereafter, an Attorney of the BAR, British Accreditation Registry, Guy Rabideau, Esq., for the seller, notified the Charlotte County Clerk of Court who then fraudulently and under color of law placed the land into a deed of their ownership and a corporate slave entity and fictitious character of HOUSE ROBERT D and /or ROBERT D HOUSE was created as a tenement. The then purchaser, grantee, Robert D. House was led to believe that he was responsible for the corporate entity and since has been fined with a yearly rental fee disguised as a legitimate property tax. All under color of law by corporation statutes and codes, etc.

7. Under the, Expatriation Statute Act of July 27, 1868 and 44 days after the creation of the 14th Amendment, which was not ratified, Congress gave the people the right to declare their political status thus removing them from the status of a, Citizen of the United States Corporation. However, they did not advertise the fact and most people claim to be Corporate Citizens. I did my status and competency declaration in 2016 and placed it into the public record and had it certified then a copy was sent to the Secretary of State Florida and to the Secretary of State D.C. via certified mail.

8. Somewhere along the line, the County though it best to divide my property in half. The north ten has the home on it and five acres of assorted trees I planted. The county allowed the north half to be taxed under homestead exemption and gave the south half agriculture exemption, with nothing on it. They then sent tax notices for each 10 acres each year. I refused to pay in 2015 and 2016 on the south ten and in 2017, I notified them of the full 20 acres being placed under Allodial Title via Land Patent to Robert-Dean:House and an Affidavit of Counter-Deed to counter their fraudulent taxing authority. They refuse to reply, thus the court rules the Affidavit to be accurate and with standing.

9. The tax collector then sent a Notice of Tax Deed Application dated Oct. 21, 2019 to the factious entity, HOUSE ROBERT D via mailing address of 46400 Bermont Road, Punta Gorda, Fl. 33982 Identifying that the parcel of #402626100003, south 10 acres was to be sold for taxes if the extortion fee of $2189.35 was not received by their Corporation before Dec. 13th.

10. On Dec. 6, 2018, a second affidavit, Affidavit of Non-Response was sent and received via cert. of receipt from the Tax Collector, Vickie Potts office.

11. All of the Affidavits that were sent to anyone were never answered by the party being addressed to.

12. On Dec. 03, 2019 a written Conditional Acceptance was hand delivered along with an (Affidavit) Statement of Contract to the Tax Collectors Office and received by Dora Smith and Charles Bear, also a copy of the Allodial Title and the Affidavit of Political Status. A certified copy of the (Affidavit) Statement of Contract was also hand delivered to the Clerk of Court. All of the above were served via Proof of Service with two witnesses.

13. After delivering the above copies to the Tax Collectors Office, I wrote an (Affidavit) Statement of Victim as to what I did and said, with two witnesses present, at the Tax Collectors Office on October 30th 2019.

14. On December 24th, 2019, A visitor arrived at my home who identified himself as Benton Hester, who stated that he had purchased my south ten acres via tax deed. He was also with a friend, Michael Ahrens both of Charlotte County. We talked for a couple of hours about how he was frauded into thinking he had rights to the land. I asked him to go back to the county and inquire of where the easement to the ten acres was and where the survey markers were. Before we parted, I gave him my business card with my email and asked him to stay in contact via email.

15. On the morning of December 25th, 2019, I received an email from Benton who stated that it was good meeting, etc. which was dated the 24th. I responded by sending some information and a copy of the original Trustee Deed which was contracted to the then Robert D. House in 2002.

16. On December 25th 2019, I accessed the Clerk of Court Site, RealForclose – Charlotte County, and found 54 pages of fraud created against HOUSE ROBERT D, a factious character that was used to trespass upon my name and property.

17. On December, 27th, 2019, Benton sent an email link to the trustee deed and to the deed sale process. He also stated that the county did not have a care of where the easement was. What Benton may not know is that my neighbor, Holly, to the west, has been trying to sell her 40 acres for some time but do to no record of an easement the buyer can not buy for the lack of one. However, it does exist along the south section line that borders with Orange Co. Alico, a citrus corporation. Orange Co. Alico is refusing their responsibility of giving up 30 feet along with my agreement of 30 feet and the other two property owners. This easement can be proven via FPL Corporation which placed two of my contracted purchased poles, wire and transformer and other hardware on the Orange Co. Property. Also, there is a lost or hidden Engineers report which was required by the courts showing the easements and drainage in order to create a Drainage District. Thus, Bermont Drainage District created in 1965 by L.D. Gleason.

18. On December 28th 2019, I sent an email to Benton in reference to my direction in this matter of fraud, to include the definition of a GLOSSA via the Chicago Manual of Style and a copy of the Allodial Title.

19. On February 12 1999, I received guidelines for agricultural classification of lands under Florida

Statute 193.463 (3) (a), (under color of law) and under Nursery, 2 Only areas actually used for nursery and service area shall be classified. 3 Types of nurseries: In ground (ornamental) was the first.

20. The south ten acres were never used for the purpose above.

21. On July 16, 2002, I received a SALES VERIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE from the CHARLOTTE COUNTY PROPERTY APPRAISER, V. Frank Desguin. This document assigns the property address the account # of 00746160000001 to a legal description of ZZZ 264026 P3 to the fictional entity of HOUSE ROBERT D of the then 3009 Tishman Ave. North Port Fl. 34287.

22. On or about August 10, 2002, I received a NOTICE OF PROPOSED PROPERTY TAXES AND PROPOSED OR ADOPTED NON-AD VALOREM ASSESSMENT S, Do not pay – This is not a Bill and was sent to the fictional entity of HOUSE ROBERT D via the Tishman address. It too shows the Parcel ID/Account # 00746160000001. This copyright document is a fraud and a precursor to a tacit consent of a fraudulent tax if not responded to by September 19, 2002. Another such document was received in 2003, 2004, etc.

23. In June or July of 2004 I received a Public Hearing Notice from the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Charlotte County Administrative Center at 18500 Murdock Circle Port Charlotte, Florida 33948-1094 doing business for a profit under D-U-N-S #’s 031670258 and 884949355 via phone number of 941-743-1400. This document was sent to the fictional character of HOUSE ROBERT D of the Tishman address and in reference to Account Number: 0074616-000000-1, under the Legal description: 26 40 26 20A M?L P-3 W1/2 OF NE ¼ OF NW ¼ 266/699 1697/1422 DC1701/2086-RNM 2023/1984. This document was in reference to a right to appear to impose non-ad valorem assessments. Note: Fictional characters have no rights.

24. On October 30, 2019, I received a letter from Allan Rice offering to buy my property and on October 31 at approx. 3:47 PM. I called him and left a message on his answering machine informed him that I had no land for sale and that he should check with the public records under my name before taking any further action or making any other requests.

25. On or about October 31st I received a letter, dated October 29th from offering to buy my property and that it was in the public record by the Charlotte County Assessor. This letter was written just 8 days after I received the, “Notice of Tax Deed Application” which gave me until the 13th of Dec. to pay the extortion fees. It is not known how they got the information that the property may be in jeopardy of being taken. I have since and up to the supposed sale date to Benton, received other calls and letters of the above nature.

26. Under Roman Canon Law, 3.3 Rights Suspension and Corruption. Article 100 – Cestui Que Vie Trust.

27. Canon 2057 – Any Administration or Executor that refuse to immediately dissolve a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust, or if the man/woman wants to take control upon their Private Person establishing their status and competency, The Fiduciary is guilty of fraud and fundamental breach of their fiduciary duties requiring their immediate removal and punishment.

28. On August 1, 2016, I established my status and competency via Affidavit of political status and placed it into the public record and received a certified copy which was sent to the Secretary of State, Florida and to the Secretary of State, D.C.

29. I now require that the proper enforcement under Roman Canon Law 2057 to be executed for the lack of dissolving the Cestui Que Vie Trust under the character name of HOUSE ROBERT D, et al.

30. 9-23-2020. A lot has occurred since the creation of this report. A legal court judgement dated in 1970 filed in Charlotte County Florida Clerk of court in book # 339 page 983, was emailed to me from Mr. Hester. It was translated by Robert South, surveyor, as an easement from the west along the south end of the 40 to my south west corner which ended into my land.

Hester has since hired attorney Michael P. Haymans to create an easement from the east across the south end of Mr. Walters 20 acres to my east and across my south into the 40 to my west. This fraud can be found in the public record under my name and Hester’s.

31. On 9-4-2020, to prove his ownership, Hester entered the south end of my property by removing the locked posted gate and coaxed me to him after firing three shots with his AR. After confronting him I returned to my home where I informed my wife and called the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office. It is my belief that the Sheriff was fore warned by Hester and was prepared with a total of six officers who all got there within 25 minutes and it is a 45 minute drive from Punta Gorda. It ended with me being issued a trespass warning thus legally locking me out of my lawful accesses. I am now living in fear for my wives life, mine and the life of my stock and other properties.

32. This report, up to #29, was sent to Judge Geoffery H. Gentile on 9-21-20 at his home address for all attempts to contact him in his legal grip have been met with resistance and/or a one sided contract requirements.

33. I will now forward this report to the Secretary of State Fl. and D.C. who have been past notified of the property claim of Allodial Title via Land Patent and acknowledged via certified mail receipts and that the actions of the color of law corporations is a trespass on Title.

Robert-dean:House January 5, 2020. 239-229-6243. Updated 9-23-20.

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