Understanding the Constitution Quiz

Constitution quiz

Two of the Founding Fathers – Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams – walked out on the constitutional convention because they were worried about creating a strong central government.  In today’s society, many progressives and big-government advocates feel just the opposite: they want a more powerful government so that they can “solve” big problems like climate change and poverty.  

Some people have unique interpretations of our Constitution, saying that it is too “vague,” or no longer relevant to today’s society.  Historian Robert G. Natelson has a different answer, based on a lifetime of study.  This quiz is taken from his amazing article published by The Epoch Times and entitled “How to Understand the Constitution.”  

Natelson explodes myths and explains why the critics are wrong.  How much do you know about what the Constitution really means?  Here’s your chance to find out!

CLICK HERE to test your knowledge of the United States Constitution.


The Epoch Times Staff

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