A distraction of the truth

By :Robert-dean: House

As I have been saying from the start it is a rouge to cover what is really happening and that is the fact that for over 150 years the united States had no authentic Government and all our local governments are operating as corporations under the use of codes, statutes, rules, etc. that are not Law.  They make us believe we have the right of suffrage but then take it away when they deceive us in thinking that we must register in their corporation to have our vote count but the fact is, we just gave them the power of attorney and they vote for us by selection under the use of the Dominion voting machines. 

I said it once before and will continue to say it, “One must identify who and what he / she is with a form of affidavit of live life claim and serve these fraudulent entities.  Getting out of their Babylonian legal system.

David Icke says it the best.  Hellooooo… There IS No ‘Virus’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

C =   3 in the alphabet

O = 15

R = 18

O = 15

N = 14

A =   1


6     66  

One has to see to believe.  If one refuses to see the truth, one will refuse to believe it.  This is why I do not waist my time on virus information. 


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