One must decide for oneself

By :Robert-Dean: House

Compare these three articles/videos, 1. A distraction of the truth, Universal Law, 2. Know your rights, and 3. Federal Agency Announces MANDATORY vaccines for all employees under title 38.

I am sorry people but I tried to watch the Federal Agency video twice.  I got three minutes into the first time and only four the second and had to exit.  Why?  It opens with the election fraud BS.  What they do not say is that all elections are fraud when the people have to register with the corporation to have a say.  That is a lie and fraud.  It goes on to say the V.A., for which I am a participant, mandating all employees to be vaccinated and if that is legal. 

Notice the word used, LEGAL?  What about LAWFUL?  Yes, it is legal because the V.A. is a member of the United States Corporation, see Title 28, USC, ss 3002 paragraph 15.  Also, note that they are using title 38 of their code.  Still not telling the viewer the true truth.  Then this slick well-dressed guy goes on to explain about the 2020 Ballot fraud and never says anything about the rest of the past elections, (selections).  Then, onto the Board of County Supervisors but never mentions that they are also incorporated and fall under the very corporation they are investigating.  Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.  Where is the logic?  Where is the truth?

Just like the NRA, National Rifle Association, another corporation keeping the lies going by using funds to attack the 2nd Amendment and at the same time funding its protection.  Supplying both the problem and the remedy.

This is why people need to do a form of affidavit to claim their life and exit the corporations’ assumptions/presumptions of who you are.  ( As they define the word, You, meaning sheep).

This is getting out of the Babylonian legal system.  Why does this nicely dressed, fast-talking guy not mention the truth?  He wants to get the people mad, mad enough to be willing to fight those who they think oppose them.  Just look at all the wasted time, money, and effort being put into the CORPORATE selections and keeping people’s eyes away from becoming one with God by making a lawful claim and serving the Corporations with that claim. 

When you do this you are changing the contract and correcting it.  Their contract with you is the tacit consent under their copyright / patented Birth Certificate they created in your all-caps name before you could open your eyes.  

Being part of the 144,000 could mean this:  Not necessarily a woman of no carnal knowledge, but one who is pure, untouched, fresh, new, or unused. As one who can see the truth, is pure to the truth, untouched by the deceit, fresh in mind and newly born, some say born again, and no longer used under deceit and consent.  Even this is a very small number, but it has been written, they will prevail.  

WDYT?  No, What do you know?

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