Robert-dean:House, 46400 Bermont Road, Punta Gorda, Florida 33982

Employment Objective: To work in a field for which my training and experience will benefit the community.


Graduated from International Falls Sr. High School, International Falls, Minnesota on June 3, 1976. Attended North Carolina Community College, Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1978 and completed courses in Criminalistics and Police Administration and Organization. Graduated from Hibbing Area Vocational Technical Institute, Hibbing, Minnesota, on June 3, 1982 Majoring in Law Enforcement. Completed courses in typing, speech, psychology and English at Hibbing Community College while attending HAVTI. Successfully completed the Minnesota Police Officer Standards of training board licensing examination on June 17, 1982. Attended the Rainy River Community College in International Falls, Minnesota in 1985. Attended Military Police school in Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1985 and trained in Military Police functions such as individual weapons, Nuclear, biological, chemical warfare, mine warfare, Crewserved weapons, land navigation, communications, combat techniques, combat movements, vehicle maintenance, vehicle operations, enemy prisoners of war / civilian internees, battlefield traffic control, intransit security, physical security and civil disturbance. Attended numerous courses at Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii in 1985 to 1987. Attended a Military Service School, Platoon Leadership Development Course for Primary Leadership Development and Personnel Management in 1987. Attended the Lee County Area Vocational Technical Institute, Ft. Myers, Florida in 1988 to 1989. Transferred the above credits to The University of the State of New York, Regents College, (now Excelsior College) and received an Associate in Science Degree, Majoring in Criminal Justice on June 5, 1992.


From June 1976 to October 1976, attended the U.S.M.C. Basic Training at M.C.R.D. San Diego, California and Infantry Training School in Camp Pendleton, California. From November 1976 to September 1977, worked as a security guard at the Naval Communication Station on the Island of Guam. From September 1977 to January 1978, assigned as Bravo Company Training Non-commissioned Officer, Guam. From January 1978 to March 1978, assigned as a Military Police Officer with the Armed Forces Police Detachment at Nimit’s Hill, Guam. From April 1978 to March 1979, assigned as an 81mm Mortar Non-commissioned Officer at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. From June 1979 to August 1985, worked in the logging industry for my brother in Minnesota. From August 1985 to September 1985, attended Army basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. From September 1985 to May 1988, assigned as a Military Police Sergeant at Schofield Barracks Honolulu, Hawaii with several deployments to the Big Island and South Korea. From September 1988 to March 1991, attended active Army Reserve training with the 320th Military Police Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. In December of 1988, assigned to Fort Clayton, Panama for two weeks with the 320thM.P. Co. From September 1990 to March 1991, served on active duty with the 320th in the Gulf War. From June 1989 to January 1997, employed as a Deputy Sheriff with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Punta Gorda, Florida. Employment with the Sheriff’s Office was terminated according to Fl. St. Sta. 99.012 (3) and (5) while running as a candidate for Sheriff. From January 1997 to May 1998, employed as a foreman for Kevin Lindstrom’s tree Service in Punta Gorda, Florida. From May 1998 to present, self employed as a tree broker and relocation service.

I wish to announce that due to the corporate government take over of our local cities, counties, and states, We the People, who have  separated ourselves from their citizens control have seceded and as a result are now being ignored and prevented from recording within their corporate structure under their public recording system.  Which is a corporations right to do so according to their bylaws.  We now have to organize in another direction under common law and create our own public record.  Types of public recordings are such, but not limited to, news papers, billboards, computer sites or by creating a Common Law public record.

I am currently working with others here in Charlotte County Fl. on creating a web site,(CHARLOTTE-COUNTY-PUBLIC-RECORD),  for We the People. 

 I am also working with David, here on his site to post public records.  Some of the first we hope to post are peoples, “FORM-OF-AFFIDAVIT:LIVE-LIFE-CLAIM.     

I wish to stress to the public that you have no rights within a corporation for which people have been assumed or presumed as their citizens.  Do you as an employee make laws for your employer?  Of course not.  You may suggest.  Then why am i still seeing people making videos of themselves going into these offices with demand letters and the like?  This is just a waste of time and it is not gathering evidence, for a video is not accepted in a common law court of law, only forms of affidavit statements of victims and or witnesses.  And  anything damming to these corporations will not be allowed in their DeFacto courts ether, as we all now know. 

Keep in touch with this site every day to see haw people set themselves free.   We will also post a template of the Live Life Claim and instructions on how to fill it out and what to do with it when completed.

I just heard yesterday that another patriot who thought he was free went to jail because he had his make shift tag on his vehicle but failed to claim it with his corporate government under a form of affidavit contract.  We can get into that more on this site after you do your live life claim.

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