Johnny Come Lately

From Anna von Reitz <>

Many of you have asked about the “$500 Trillion Lawsuit” and wanted me to comment.  
The people bringing these charges don’t have standing. 

The things they are objecting to are certainly true, but if you don’t have standing to bring charges, you don’t have standing, so, it’s useless. 

Standing is a matter of jurisdiction and capacity, and none of these clueless people have bothered to correct their political status.  

So, at best, they will be ignored, or at worst, misidentified as insurrectionists. 

All their “Orders” will fall on deaf ears, because they don’t have standing. 

They haven’t got a clue what it takes to establish standing, either, and won’t learn or listen. 

We have done everything that is necessary, have raised all the complaints and charges, acquired all the liens, etc;, etc., etc., and they don’t have a clue. 

So, that’s the sorry state of affairs revealed by Scott Workman’s diatribe. 

For starters, he states, “Due Process has now been served upon you.” —- that’s not “Due Process”. 

Due Process is what I did for years — three Notices with proper curing time and service at each and every step.  

The organizers of this lawsuit are correct that this situation is an “ongoing criminal enterprise”, but they have no clue whatsoever what they are up against or what is necessary.  

They are not even in “our” jurisdiction, and they are pushing this crap as a “Declaration of Restoration” as “a citizen of the United States”.  This is nonsense. 

These people are so clueless, that they don’t recognize that “a citizen of the United States” is a Municipal citizen of the district United States —- not an American, not anyone with any right or claim to anything related to the original Declaration, not anyone with standing to pursue such claims. 

It is pathetic that these Wannabes are here spouting all this, wasting all their words and money, and courting arrest as insurrectionists, when they think that they are in charge.  
It doesn’t work like that. 

You have to take the time and make the effort and learn the ropes and gain the standing to bring charges and give orders.  They haven’t done any of the homework required.  

I am sorry for Scott Workman, because he clearly recognizes what is wrong, but he hasn’t put in the time and effort and analysis to address it.  All he is going to do is give the rats an excuse to clamp down and otherwise cause trouble out of ignorance.  

He is also making promises that he has no authority to guarantee.  In fact, he has no indemnity at all.  

Like many other Americans, he has awakened like a hibernating bear and made insupportable assumptions about his own condition and the world around him, assumptions that are foolhardy and incorrect. 

Do not be misled.

Stay in your lane and hold the line.  Support your State Assembly and do not be lured with promises of pay-offs, especially tiny pay-offs in comparison to what you are truly owed. 

I can only assume that Scott Workman and his group are unaware of the actual recoupment figures, but in any event, this “500 Trillion Lawsuit” is not something you want to be involved in.  Similar to Phil Hudok’s solution, these people are not getting the status or jurisdiction right and that will result in their failure. 

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