Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil.  By :Robert-Dean: House.
So now the evil will like you to believe that Pine Needle Tea is the answer to the vaccine.  Ok.  Then i will get the shot and if i find out that it is not what they say it is then i can back out using the tea?  Wrong.  One must pick a side and can no longer sit on the fence.  Once you have chosen to take Satan’s seal, there is no turning back.  We are in a war of good vs, evil.  Now they  want you to believe that if you walk away from God, and what is right, that you can some how correct the path later after trying it first.  Wrong again. 
All those people who support this madness in any way can and will be held liable under common law, which has no statute of limitation as codes and statutes do.  If you are in media, law enforcement, medical, etc.,  and promoting the vaccine, you are not going to be able to defend yourself by claiming that you were just doing your job.  Anyone who knows of the killing of another and does nothing about it is part of it, known as a co-conspirator.  
It has been reported to me here in Charlotte County Florida that the Sheriff has taken pride in informing the public that all his Deputies have been vaccinated.  On Tuesday of this week on the radio station 104.9 it was announced that last week 35 deputies were out sick with covid and so far this week 25 are out.  Really?  How many of them quit due to a threat of being fired if they did not take the shot?  Enforced compliance.  He has also announced that calls for service were to be screened for the lack of officers to respond. 
Just in time and as planned, get rid of the protectors of the people and allow chaos to pursue.  I say, get rid of the problem which is the Sheriff puppet and keep the Deputy force under common law in support of the original constitution.   Then rid our counties, cities and states of all attorneys and administrators of the corporation, thus setting the people free of the legal system of Satin.
Remember Athens Tennessee in 1945 about the Sheriffs ballot box.   And don’t forget.  

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