Blood Money: Compilation of Articles by Anna Von Reitz Paperback – August 23, 2021

Blood Money gives an overview of the whole history involving the use of labor bonds, presumptive estates, debt retirement schemes promoted by foreign corporations, and offers some large-scale examples of the varied and highly destructive results of mischaracterizing living people as corporations and the motivations that have kept the processes of impersonation, barratry, and insurance fraud (which includes bankruptcy fraud) rolling for the past 400 years.

It is the author’s hope that the information provided to the High Courts may open up an era of fresh air and sunshine, transparency, and peace — as all people can read this devoid of fine print and legalese and trace in the blood and sweat of their own experience, the truth of the oppression and misrepresentation that has occurred at the hands of people acting in ignorance, and institutions corrupted by self-interest.

by Anna Maria Von Reitz (Author)

“Blood Money: Compilation of Articles by Anna Von Reitz,” is now available to buy on

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