FDA and Pfizer

ons broker a deal. By :Robert-Dean: House

Yesterday the Pfizer corporation just made a deal with the FDA corporation to give them a cut in their future income from the false COVID inoculations. This agreement was made in the hopes that people will come off of the fence and get the shot that has now been approved by the FDA corporation.

For your information: Pfizer is doing business under 11 corporations. 10 via the phone number 212-733-2323 and one under the number 800-879-3477.

These nine are under the same address: PFIZER INC, DUNS # 001326495. WYETH LLC, #128824484. ANACOR PHARMACEUTICAL INC, #786272732. ENCYSIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INC, #001317130. PFIZER INTERNATIONAL LLC, #926582081. PFIZER H.C.P. CORPORATION, 020399143. PFIZER OVERSEAS LLC, #079864953. THE PFIZER INCUBATOR LLC, # 963775858 and PFIZER PERU HOLDING LLC, #117099862 under address of 235 E. 42nd St. New York, NY 10017-5703.

This one: PFIZER ANIMAL HEALTH, address of 685 3rd Ave. New York NY 10017-4024. DUNS number 117280703.

This one: PFIZER INC, # 14867167 address of 558 Estern Point Rd. Bld. 100 Groton, Ct. 06340-5159.

Now the FDA corporation: all three under the phone number of 888-463-6332. FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION, # 078624815, address of 10903 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Springs NY 14550.

FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION, # 118133399, address of 405 E. Devon Ave Ste 250, Itasca, Il 60143.

VEGANSPEAK, # 002189566, address of 6805 E. Sanilac Rd. Port Sanilac, MI. 48469-9641 which is out of business.

What is the point here, rather it is true or not on the approval or another smoke screen, it is about the Corporations doing business for a profit just as your City, County, State and Federal Corporations are doing.

Does one need to be a member of a corporation to do contract / business with another? NO.

Each one of these corporations have a people in public and private as CEO, that can be held liable for damages of another under a form of affidavit of a trespass in common law self governance. Now go get them.

There are all kind of adds with attorneys claiming that Roundup was sued for Millions.  But yet it is still sold in stores.  Also, what about those corporations that have approved its use, like the EPA and FDA.  Why are they not held liable?


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