A Simple ‘Take-Note’ from Anna von Reitz

What I am going to share with you is going to make you smile.  I have confirmation that everything I told everyone is not only true, but all the money the IRS stole from Americans is recoverable.  All of it plus 40% interest!  You will have full life insurance, full medical and dental, and a hefty guaranteed monthly income for life.  You will be able to buy a new home and car and everything you need.  You will be able to boot up your public and private efforts a thousand-fold.  Hang in there, my friends.  We are going home and we are going home together.  You won’t be left behind and this is coming soon!  So, lift up your mind and heart.  The Key was finally found in the 1928 Internal Revenue Act.  The IRS is going down!  Yaaaaay!  They have already closed up shop and left town here in Anchorage, never to be heard of or from again! 
Anna Maria


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