Joe Biden continues to watch bad news pour in.


The latest debacle centers on Biden bungling the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Trey Gowdy destroyed Joe Biden with just this one question.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy addressed the catastrophe taking place as the Taliban took power in Afghanistan following Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

Biden set a September 11 withdrawal date so the administration could stage a photo op of the last American soldiers leaving Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

But that politically motivated date allowed for American troops to leave the country in the middle of the Taliban’s spring fighting season.

That led to horrific images of Afghans mobbing the Kabul Airport trying to cling to planes about to take off to try and escape the country as they feared the return of the Taliban’s repressive and murderous rule.

Video even showed multiple Afghans falling to their deaths as they fell off the wings of airplanes in midflight.

Gowdy asked the audience if Biden’s botched withdrawal sent the right message to terrorists that would threaten to kill American citizens.

“The question is – have we kept our word? Have we kept our word to the world that if you attack America, we will follow you to the ends of the Earth to mete out our punishment? No matter how long it takes. Have we kept our word to one another that never again will an attack like this happen on American soil?” Gowdy asked.

Gowdy questioned if Biden throwing America’s Afghan allies under the bus by leaving them behind for the Taliban would destroy the image of the United States in the minds of the people of Afghanistan.

“Have we kept our word to those who took a chance on us? To those Afghans who supported and aided our cause? To the Afghan women living in oppression with no equality or due process? To the Afghan women who believed us when we said America is a country of freedom, and light, and opportunity. To the Afghan children, what will they think of when they think of America?” Gowdy added.

Not only did Joe Biden not evacuate Afghans that assisted the U.S. military, but Biden also left behind a database identifying all of them allowing the Taliban to put together a kill list.

The situation in Afghanistan deteriorated quickly because of the Biden administration.

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