Rebuilding the New World

By “Mark Emery ” <>

Logic tells you that those who will be left will be the sane ones who actually have a clue and we’ll be the ones rebuilding the new world.   But we’re going to have to survive the hell that’s coming upon us first, so get ready for all contingencies. Mike’s podcast explains in detail below. 

I want to share a podcast by Mike Adams with you which, in my mind, is the most important message you can hear this year.  You MUST take the time to listen all the way to the end.  If you don’t know Mike Adams, he is a very level headed, very successful food scientist who runs his own lab and natural nutrition business and is otherwise known as THE HEALTH RANGER of and he founded BRIGHTEON.COM. When he speaks of something, it’s because he has good reason to.  

Click the image below to listen to his extremely powerful and insightful Emergency Message.   Your life may depend on it, seriously!  For a quick article summary click here.

I will be following this message up with help, direction and possible solutions so watch for future emails from me. 

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