First Announcement for Researchers — Additional Information For the High Courts. 

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First Announcement for Researchers — Additional Information For the High Courts. 

Okay, folks.  Game on.  The Native Tribes are claiming that they own the land mass of America based on old treaties with King George and the Scottish Interlopers.  We are saying, nah, the land belongs to the States and always has, ever since the Revolution.  

The clueless military after umpteen years in charge is throwing up their hands and saying, “I dunno!” 

We are looking for collaboration and support for what is already established and widely known, excepting, it appears, to the Military. 

According to our records, the United States started out as a Pennsylvania- Maryland (mostly Dutch) investors club soon after William Penn became Governor of Pennsylvania.  The United States of America started in 1727 as another (mostly English) investors club, spooled out of the break up of the Virginia Company.  

Does anyone have additional or different or more or better information about this early commercial history of both the United States and The United States of America?  Please email jpegs of early documents and/or copies via Snail Mail to:  Anna Maria Riezinger, at Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

Leading up to The War of Independence these investor groups split, with the American pro-independence investors separating from the largely European anti-independence investors, so that we had in effect, two “United States” investor groups and two “United States of America” investor groups operating at the same time.  

Does anyone have more, different, or additional information about this circumstance?

Benjamin Franklin and several other well-known Colonial leaders were members of both original investor groups; it was Franklin who set up relations with the Holy See to secure Postal Treaties and Postal Service in the then-colonies.  He acted as the first Post Master/Postmaster and established the seat of the international land/sea jurisdiction government and the original Post Office for The United States of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1732, and established a secondary seat of government and Post Office for the United States acting in global jurisdiction in New York ten years later.  

Does anyone have any different, better, more complete information about these topics? 

Please send jpegs of original documents and/or hard copies to: Anna Maria Riezinger, at Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

Then, we had the actual War of Independence. 

During The War of Independence the Government of Spain remained neutral, except that in 1777-78, the Spanish King granted the land being wrested from King George (who was acting as the Pope’s Commonwealth Overseer and therefore had no claim to land in America aside from actual Church property)  to the former Colonists to use as collateral financing loans from King Louis of France.  At the same time, a group of financiers including LaFayette, St. Germain, and Hiram Solomon stepped forward and leveraged large sums of money as gifts, grants, and support for the American investor group doing business as The United States of America.  

Does anyone have different, better, or more information about this particular subject and time period?  

As part of the Treaty process ending The War of Independence, The United States of America — the American version of the original investors club doing business under the same name prior to the war — inherited the war debt being held against their land grant.  This debt owed to France (and as it turns out, ultimately to King George) was finally paid off during the Andrew Jackson Administration (1829 -1837). Thereafter, The United States of America, the American Federation of States (which was reorganized as an unincorporated Holding Company in 1777), has held all grant, right, title, and interest in the land of this country via its sovereign member States, and it has never authorized any further borrowing or spending against these land assets ever since. 

Does anyone have any more, different, or additional credible information about this topic?  If so, please send jpegs of original documents via email and/or hard copies to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652. 

It is our position— and the law and customs of land administration support us— that the Spanish King, not the British King, held control and ownership of all international land interests during the years 1700 through 1850 when these issues were definitively settled and all debts related to them paid off. 

All subsequent chicanery pretending a custodial interest in our land by the British Monarchs and their Territorial Employees, while under contract and exercising enumerated delegated powers “in our names” as “the” United States of America— is fraud on the face of it. So is any claimed ability to indebt our land assets or transfer our land assets to Native tribes. 

Quite simply, any Treaties held by the Lenape and other East Coast and Southeastern Native tribes prior to The War of Independence were lost as a result of the change in government, and any residual payment or consideration due them as a result of their treaties with King George devolved upon his government doing business as “the” United States of America, not ours, and as that government never had any substantial land interests in this country other than the land assets explicitly deeded to and belonging to the Roman Catholic Church in the first place, it cannot be held that any “law of the land” invoked with regard to native land-hold treaties prior to The War of Independence have anything to do with The United States of America and our sovereign States. 

As I told Chief Fast Horse and as I repeat for the High Courts, this semantic deceit based on similar names will not bear examination.  The Federal Subcontractors cannot give what isn’t theirs. The Pope can give the Native Tribes all his Roman Catholic Church properties throughout the country, and the British Territorial Government doing business as “the” United States of America can similarly give them any property that they obtained by any unrestricted permission of the Several States granting them property prior to 1860, but otherwise, these entities simply don’t own any land in this country— didn’t win any for themselves by law of conquest, didn’t pay for any as we did, and weren’t granted any by the Spanish King.  

And, similarly, any treaties formed after The American Civil War with the Native Tribes were formed by the same Bad Actors pretending to have authorities never granted to them; show us any proof in any Constitution that we ever granted them any right or duty or delegation of power allowing them to exercise any custodial interest amounting to an ability to buy, sell, encumber, entitle or otherwise use our land as collateral to cover their debts?  Show us where we ever enabled them to enter into any treaty contracts of any kind other than international trade treaties, like NAFTA? 

Such authority simply doesn’t exist. 

As the victims of fraud and kidnapping and impersonation, our long absence “at sea” is not our fault; the misadministration of our presumed-to-exist estates is entirely upon the guilty Principals and their respective Employees. If they owe treaties and debts to the American Indian Tribes, let them pay using their own assets and resources, without making any more false claims about us and ours.

And please, note that the States include the individual Native people as full-fledged and equal Americans having ownership interest in the land as part of the population of their State of the Union.  They already have standing as Wisconsinites and Texans and New Yorkers and so on, just like anyone else born in this country.  

We contend that they already have their equal share, and that at least from us, they are owed no more.

Anyone having records, information, data, historical documents, and additional evidence in support of our position is encouraged to contact me immediately via email at: or via phone at (907) 250-5087, or by Snail Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

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