The Tides Are Very Much Turning

From Before It’s News

The Tides Are Very Much Turning Against the Deep State! – On the Fringe Must Video – Warning – Some Explicit Language

REPORTER: John Rolls: Huge news has dropped over the last 24 hours. The deep state is losing their power very quickly. We are taking back our country in a HUGE way. Hold The Line!!!

The Australian Truck Blockade is ON!! PLEASE SHARE these guys need our support this news is censored on all social media, be creative

REPORTER: bananaman: Trucks are blockading the highways along most of the QLD border today which is the epicenter of the Vaccine mandate. Truckies are required to get the experimental vaccine clotshot before entering QLD. All information about this blockade has been heavily censored on all platforms except GAB. This action is expected to go australiawide over the next few days.

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