Encouraging News – Must See

From Before It’s News

[Deep State] Is Being Shut Down On Many Fronts! – On The Fringe Must Video

REPORTER: John Rolls: The [deep state] is losing ground in many areas and are being blocked in others. They are running out of options as the public is quickly waking up.

Inventor of mRNA Vaxxxine Says Fauci Making This Whole Plandemic Thing up as He Goes! “He’s a Liar”! – Must Video

REPORTER: John Rolls: Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of this vaxxxine says this virus is not lethal and is centered only around the elderly with underlying conditions. He says his vaxxxine should not be pushed onto the general population and that Anthony Fauci is basically a LIAR with this whole thing being centered around Profit with [Fauci and Gates] as those benefiting along with big farma. (words misspelled on purpose)

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