Your Books – Best ones to begin with?

From a Reader

Hi David, 

I have come across your books and would like ask where should I begin?
Your outputs are fascinating, if overwhelming presently.

My initial inclination is to start with My House is My Castle, UCC, and Common Law.

Yet each of your book title’s expands my interest, whether its Be the One, Asset Protection and Commercial Law Applied –  is there a logical approach to start my learning and optimise my journey with your work? Or should I read the most resent 2020 / 2021 work’s first?

While searching Amazon I can see several additional authors including Mel Stamper, Shaquan Envi, Kevin Daniel Annett, Charles Booker, so I appreciate this is a very relevant knowledge. 
I have spent a short time on your site this evening and it is stunning the volume and breadth of factual information on it. [again a sense of overwhelm at the scale of writing on the topics]. 

Your site articles led to Anna Von Reitz site, which was of particular value in the History section on her site; but just noticing more articles on your site with even more historical context!
In more context yesterday I had come across :Russell-Jay: Gould. [ & work of :David-Wynn: Miller ] and his website(s) through the Vimeo video of War Castle Sergeant Robert Horton, who’s name handle was left as a hint in a review of one of your books on Amazon David . . . and I listened to a couple of short podcasts with a gentleman (‘Teacher’ of Parse-Grammer Syntax) from Canada.

So it has been an interesting 24 hours! [I have also written to :Russell-Jay: Gould to enquire further about the ‘Parse Grammar syntax’ learning].

But my search was stimulated a couple of weeks ago by a legal phrase and comment on an article on ZeroHedge in the last 2 weeks – which I realise this evening might have been by Anna Von Reitz (copied below).

It resonated with me for two connections, one a friend, European resident, has a child born in NY . . . and now all the family are living again in Europe; and a separate context was an ongoing business discussion with a separate professional friend here (Dublin,Ireland) on a digital Bank set up (this individual is an ex.equity market market maker) – one of the third party individuals he is in discussion with – an interlocutor / non-banker (N.Ireland), perhaps with conflicts of interest, made the quote on a number of occasions to “Lack of Knowledge of the Law is not an Excuse/Defense (of/for failure)” (paraphrasing), but it is chillingly deceptive now in the context of what I have read in the last weeks . . . it raised a ‘red flag’ when I first heard the odd comment two and three months ago, and its parallel to the opening quote in the article below by Anna.  

I appreciate the time you have  taken to review my email. I apologies for its length if this is a significant draw on your time given your community size, and intellectual outputs and works. 

I look forward to a guide in direction from you on the most logical prioritisation to read your books as a novice and learner.
Yours sincerely, 

Name Withheld
Dublin, Ireland


Follow Your Heart


Response to Article on ZeroHedge

“Let him who may be deceived, be deceived”.

Justpassinthrough 18 hours ago


Until you can decipher the difference between  America and a foreign run government service corporation calling itself the United States, which at present Americans have no control over, you have no standing to speak on the subject of ignorance. The American People did not elect to run all over the world stealing resources and killing people. The Crown (City of London), the International Bankers, and their proxy, the military industrial complex of the United States corporation (a franchise of the UN/IMF) make those decisions. It’s all just an extension of the East India Trading Co.. Look under every pile of bovine excrement for the last 1500 years and you’ll find the Crown/City of Rome.

17 hours ago


Americans (State Citizens) are not required to pay Federal income tax. That tax is levied upon Federal employees and Federal citizens (US citizens/citizens of the United States). Read the following til it sinks in:

19 Corpus Juris Secundum, § 883

“The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.” 19 C.J.S. Corporations § 883 citing In re Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.Y. 505, 141 N.Y. 479 (1894), and affirmed in United States v. Perkins, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L.Ed. 287 (1896).

In other words the States (American Union/unincorporated) are foreign to the US government corporation. Unfortunately most Americans are unaware of that fact. The 11th amendment of the Constitution exempts State citizens (Americans) of being subject to foreign law while on American soil. Federal (foreign to America) jurisdiction does not extend inside sovereign American State borders with a few acceptions, one is Federal citizens (residents) living in those States are subject to federal jurisdiction. Ever notice all paperwork concerning government always asks; are you a US citizen, they never ask if your an American State citizen. You must REGISTER as a US citizen to vote. Stop and think for a second; how could the American People who created the Federal government (a commercial business) control it if they are subject to it? Unfortunately that’s the situation today due to lack of education. Americans are waiving their birthrights unknowingly by allowing themselves to be identified as foreign (US government corporate) citizens. You can’t be both. One is American one is not. America does not allow duel citizenship, the US does.

[Wrong! ]. The reason you must pay Fed tax is because you indentify as a Federal citizen (a US citizen/part of the corporation), which you most likely are not. Were you born In the District of Colombia or one of the territories? Are you a government employee? The IRS code classifies an American State National/Citizen as a non resident alien. Read the above 19 C.J.S. 883. Even their code says if your an American National/State Citizen you are foreign to them. Do you pay Tax in France or Germany? If the US government is foreign to you (an American) why do you think they can lawfully make you pay them unless you have a lawful contract to do so or your income was from within the US corporation? You hear horror stories all day long however if you know what you dealing with and educate yourself the courts won’t touch you and they are aware of these facts. Attorneys are officers of the court, I would not suggest trying to get honest facts regarding this subject matter from them. They make a living by keeping you ignorant. One of the maxims of Law is, to paraphrase, “Let him who may be deceived, be deceived”.

A key to the above information is you must give the Corporate government notice that you are an American National. As far as they are concerned they REGISTERED within a few days of your birth a certificate, with what appears to be your name on it, as a Federal citizen/trust. That must be rebutted.


16 hours ago


I claim the political status of American State National. That would be my birthright status. I was born on the land and soil of a sovereign State within the American Union, not in the United States, which consists of Washington DC the territories (Guam,PR. ect,) and a few military bases, magazines etc.. I have no contracts with any corporate government (State or Federal) hence no liability. Everything concerning government is contract/trust. No lawful contract, no claim. At present the acting State governments are corporate franchises of the Federal Government. This is of course fraud and unconstitutional. How can a sovereign State be subject to a corporation be it state or federal? If your interested, the below link will give you some info on the lawful American government, which just happens to be you. The information you can find on and through that link is the result of countless Americans work and decades of research,

Once you start to unravel the fraud, theft and criminality involved with our current situation it will blow your mind. It’s all lawfully reversible, there is no statute of limitation on fraud. It just requires Americans to take an interest and get a little education.

JustPassinthrough 15 hours ago


I know how to review court cases, law, history, lawful legislation, I know the IRS is a non government collection agency, and also know how not to spend to much time dealing with situations/conversations that have no intellectual or beneficial content.

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