Liars lie

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This game is called Liars Poker. By :Robert-Dean: House.

The players Adam, (A), Bill (B) and Charlie (C).

Five cards are dealt to each player and the highest hand is four aces. All players are playing with all 15 cards but they only see their five cards. One must open with two Jacks or higher.

B. I have two Jacks and place my bet of ?

C. I see your bet and raise it to ? and claim three Deuces.

At this point player A does not know if they are lying but must remember that if he calls them on their hands and he has one Jack and has two Deuces he would most likely loose, therefore he calls his hand as..

A. I have Three Sixes which he does have two and is depending on one of the others to have one if he is called to show his hand then all must show their hand. He raises the bet.

B. Having only one Jack in hopes that someone had a second Jack, he now claims to have four Deuces in belief that C has the three that he had claimed and he in fact does have one. He raises the bet.

You get the jist of the game? Once one calls to see the others hands they tally up to see who really wins. However, lets see how this is played out.

C. Claims to have four Jacks, trusting that two other are in hand for he only has two. He raises the bet.

A. Has only one face card and that is in fact a Jack. He knows that he did not call the four Jacks first and believes that C could in fact have all four and most likely held two or three so he folds. He lays his hand face down for it is still in the game.

B. Is holding one Jack, and Queen and King and two other small cards he could not use. He too folds.

C. Places his cards face down and reaches for the pot and a good hall.

Game over. Winner deals next hand.

Through out the game player C would win for when he thought that one of the others was lying, he would call them out and all would place their cards face up for a count. The other two would always forget to double check due to their training in trust even though the name of the game is to lie.

What just happened? Or better yet what did not happen that should have? Players A and B took for granted that C had the higher hand without confirming it by viewing it. Thus, they consented to the winner.

After the game player A asked player C how he could play so good. C stated that he didn’t, you just did not know how to play the game. I lied, he added. Player A then claimed that player C cheated. Player C stated that that is the name of the game. It is your fault for not knowing how to play.

Case in point: What does the Maricopa County Arizona Ballots have to do with with a game of lies???

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