Renegade Hawaii Ex-Coordinator Has No Standing to Proceed

By Judge Anna von Reitz

Renegade Hawaii Ex-Coordinator Has No Standing to Proceed.

Joshua Gundy was removed as Hawaii Coordinator for Cause.  No meetings he is sponsoring are meetings of any valid Hawaii Assembly. 

The Hawaii Assembly members are responsible for drafting a new Coordinator who is sober and polite and responsible and devoted to our aims of restoring the actual American Government to full function. 

If you can’t find a good, solid candidate, the Federation will call for volunteers and find one for you.  

Until then, you will be in a suspended position and unable to benefit from the Sign In America Program and other relief owed to the people of Hawaii.  I suggest that you make speed in finding a viable replacement for Joshua. 

I regret that his removal was necessary, but two bouts of drunkenness and irresponsible gossiping and ranting is two bouts too many.  

Anna Maria

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