The New World Order South v. New World Order North

By Judge Anna von Reitz

As you have noticed, a substantial part of the crime that has been committed against us has been expedited by: (1) identity theft accomplished via “mirroring”; (2) impersonation; (3) undisclosed contracts and equally undisclosed commercial claims; (4) overall fraud and deceit enabling coercion and racketeering.

So, it should come as no surprise that The New World Order has also been mirrored.

There are at least a dozen (and probably more) versions of things now calling themselves the “New World Order” or “NEW WORLD ORDER” and as many interpretations of what the words mean or imply. Let this stand as a warning and a caveat that these words cannot be accepted on face value.

The actual, and by that, I mean the first known entity calling itself the “New World Order” was a group of Catholics who joined together to form an Order of Knighthood known as The New World Order. This society formed in South America during The Spanish Conquest. The “New World” being referred to was the Americas.

It was predominantly a Spanish Order of Knighthood and many members were made extremely wealthy by the gold and silver discoveries in South America, but in time, their good fortune arrived back in Europe and spread to far flung family members in numerous countries, as did membership in the Order. It was always Catholic and it was always very forward thinking, very wealthy, and very devoted to the Church.

Okay. That’s the first “New World Order” — a secretive Catholic Order of Knighthood, mainly Spanish at first, founded by Conquistadors. Not coincident to their gold and silver discoveries in South America, many of these men became involved in the gold trade worldwide, banking, and related fields of endeavor. Their heirs and progeny continue to trace their lineage back to men like Cortes, Santiago, Rodriguez, and Romana.

The second “New World Order” formed over a hundred years after the first version, and it was a strange mix described as “Protestant Knights” who were not exactly Protestants. That is, they were not Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, or members of any recognizable Protestant Church. The use of the word “Protestant” is in the sense of objecting to the Catholic Church, and particularly to the rise of the modern iterations of the Holy Roman Empire and the associated activities of the Congress of Vienna, aka, League of Nations, aka, United Nations.

The Protestant New World Order included remnants of the Templars, Rosicrucians, Gnostics, Albigensians, Coptic Christians, Deists, Eastern Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, and “men of science, doctors, free-thinkers, and alchemists”.

These fellows for the most part were devoted to the premise that a man should be free to make choices about what he believes in, or fails to believe in. Quite a large number of them, like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, abhorred the excesses of murders and crimes committed in the name of Jesus and in the name of religious beliefs which “can’t be proven by rational means”.

These men lived in the Age of Enlightenment, also called the Age of Reason, when even Commoners engaged in the purposeful exploration of Nature, and every grand house had its library, its horticulture experiments, its telescopes, microscopes, and plethora of scientific equipment.

This second “New World Order” was a backlash against the superstitions of the Church and the rampages and excesses of various Catholic Orders including the Dominican Inquisition and the Anti-Reformation led by the Jesuits.

Rather than kill each other over religious beliefs, these men who came from every other point of the compass, resolved to put an end to theocracies, if possible, and to let religious belief be a purely private matter held separate from public governance.

So you have a Catholic New World Order (of Knighthood) up to its chin in gold and silver, and you have a mixed-bag Protestant New World Order (of Knighthood) composed of Scientists, Free Thinkers, Doctors, Inventors, Military Generals and others opposed to theocracies in general and the Holy Roman Empire in particular.

Voltaire was a member of this second version of New World Order, which professed to believe in the existence of “some greater power” — but at the same time observed that the Holy Roman Empire “isn’t holy, isn’t Roman, and isn’t an Empire”.

In time, the sheer force of scientific method (pioneered by Sir Francis Bacon, aka, Saint Germain) and logical deduction led to some of the best and most accomplished and richest men in Europe and America joining this odd quasi-Protestant Order, which they claimed was a “New World Order” for North America (as opposed to the Catholic version in South America) and —importantly — for the whole world.

They were talking about a world based on individual self-governance and rational thought. They meant to overturn, once and for all, the monarchies and the theocracies that had bloodied the pages of history for the sake of unprovable beliefs, and when they said “New World” they weren’t thinking about the Americas only.

They were thinking of a literal New World, where religious belief or lack thereof, would be a private matter, and everyone could be educated (“enlightened”) to mind their own business, love the truth wherever they could find it, and have compassion for their fellowman.

And all of this “boiling pot” of ideas and experiments and philosophical debates was pouring directly out of the larger cauldron of the Spanish Conquest, the Protestant Reformation, and the Catholic Anti-Reformation.

America, as we know it, was formed by this second version of “New World Order” while the governments of South America got their start from the original Catholic version of New World Order.

The original Constitution for this country was written by Saint Germain, and was (and is) essentially a detailed contract between the government and the people being served by the government, outlining the duties and obligations of each, so as to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of Americans, the most freedom, and the best husbandry of our natural resources and individual lives.

Hardly anyone has ever read this Constitution, though we may be sure that Washington, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and the Lees of Virginia all did. We can also be sure that some of the best and most original ideas associated with this country and its traditional government derive directly from its pages.

All Constitutions are debt agreements and the debt that we still owe to Saint Germain and LaFayette and Hiram Solomon is to listen, read, think, and act in our own best behalf, to become truly sentient and compassionate, and to jealously guard our minds and hearts against deceit, lies, programming, hypnosis, black magic and all the other wiles and means used to entrap and enslave those who were otherwise born and meant to live as free men and women.

To this day, both “New World Orders” continue to exist, and each contributes in its own way to the great panoply spread before us, each brings forward the richness of their humanitarian vision — and one has cause to wonder, with generations of men and women, both Catholic and Protestant, so wealthy, so intelligent, so kind — how is it possible that the vision of goodness that ultimately motivated both sides to surrender their wealth, has yet to be realized?

And there is only one answer: Middlemen. Trustees. Faithless Employees. Those who were unworthy of the trust vested in them. Those who kept the money for themselves and used it as a means to harm rather than help. Those who hoarded it. Those who Slush Funded it. Those who profited at the expense of the innocent.

And they are not the actual owners of the wealth at all.

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