No, No, No.

Lets get this straight. By Robert-Dean: House

The key is NOT in Expressing the Trust in the LEGAL SYSTEM, the system that is now on its way out and the one that has been used to commit fraud against the people for 150 years.  Please do the research and check the definition of the Uniform Commercial Code.  This is NOT the Lawful System of Common Law of Self Governance. The key is MAKING A CLAIM IN THE LAWFUL SYSTEM VIA FORM OF AFFIDAVIT. 

Did you create the cup?  No.  Then you can not claim it. Do you have a receipt showing that you had a two party contract of the sale of the cup and that you purchased it?  Yes.  Then you can make claim to ownership of the cup by its complete description, size, weight, color, design, etc.  Just as I did with my 2002 Chev. Silverado 1500 vin number ————–  and a tag I created and claimed under copyright and patent all on one form of affidavit and served certified return receipt to the corporate government Sec. of State, Fl. and D.C. and others.      

Uniform Commercial Code – Wikipedia

What did we have before 1952 when this code was first created by the lawyers?
UCC 1 at DuckDuckGo     

Look at the third one down on this page, “A UCC filing is a legal form”.  Stop trying to do things in the legal system and do them in the Lawful System which supersedes that of the legal.  

I can break Christian Walter’s post down to point out all the fraud but it would take too long and to what point.  People that write like this show to me that they are Attorney’s or associated with the BAR. 

Once in their court they can and do access the Trust in your name all caps name, (fiction, actor). They only need a signature from a Corporate Judge, prosecutor, and yours or your attorney’s who is representing you. (re-presenting you).  Do your Live Life Claim via Form of Affidavit and let these people know that you do not need them and their legal system and then take charge of you own life.

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