A Patented Virus

From: Robert <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

What?  Charly Ward is Wrong?  By :Robert-Dean: House

Breaking News! Spanish High Court Confirms That Covid 19 Does Not Exist! With Charlie Ward – Dr. Charlie Ward (drcharlieward.com)

Just because someone patented something does not mean it exists.  I had patented and copyrighted tags for my autos via form of affidavit under common law and included a copy of the tags which i assigned to the auto’s vin numbers and served it to the corporations now operating or usurped governments.  I did not need to go to a third-party corporate entity to do so.  When Gates went to a patent company, another arm of the corporation, he paid them for the patent number on a supposed virus he created so he could profit from the creation of the antidote which was a front to the true purpose of changing peoples DNA so they can once again be classified as chattel, (citizens), via patent number. Where is the patent to the antidote?  Be it once again known and again said by this writer. The virus he created did not have a life span of more than 20 minutes out of the petri dish, so to speak.  Did he create a virus?  Maybe. But it had no long life span.  Did he patent a virus?  Yes, he did.  did he pay a patent company?  Yes, he did.  Did they give him a patent?  Yes, they did.  Is there such a virus among the people?  No, there is not.  Do the people believe there is?  Yes, they do.  Go to the 1989 book, The American Medical Association, (“another corporation”), HOME MEDICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, VOLUME TWO I-Z, Random House New York.  Page 1051, 4th from the bottom, “Coronavirus is the Common Cold”.

Corona has 6 letters in its spelling.  The C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, the O is the 15th, the R is the 18th, the O is the 15th, the N is the 14th, and the A is the first, or #1.  Add them all up and you get 66 and then take a gander at all the numbers and what do you see?  666, the mark of the beast.  This was found out by people of the public and why they changed it to COVID-19, 19 because 2019 is when it went into effect.  Look it up.  These findings are not mine, i just did the research.  Do people die of colds and flus each year?  Yes, but along with other ailments which compound it, but not all die.  So, what happened to those people?  All of a sudden we have been cured of the cold and flu, true or false?

Sorry, Charlie, even the high court is operating as a for-profit corporation.  Why did they wait until now to inform the people when the awakened people already knew? trefarmerh@centurylink.net  

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