One To Respect

Christopher James Pritchard does it again By :Robert-Dean: House

View all of this video if you will, but I am going to pin point it at the 18 the minutes mark where he plays a video by a Polish man, Dr. Franc Lokoski.  It runs to the 26 minute mark, or 8 minutes worth.  After watching I will give more added important information, thanks to my wife.


What COVID means: 

CO = defined as: Carefully forming an element of, or constitutes the subject matter of an investigation or science out of a THING.
V = symbolic of Vanadium = A grayish malleable ductile metallic element found combined in minerals and used esp. to form alloys.
ID = Identification, inner diameter, inside dimensions, intelligence department, internal diameter.

How much more needs to said?  Do your Live Life Claim and take charge of the path you want to follow.  You can do this for free by emailing me below and i will send you the instructions and template.

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