Live Life Claim

From:“Robert” <> 

Maybe this will help people to see.  By Robert-Dean: House
They assume / presume that this is who you are.  Don’t believe me still?  Then watch this 4 minute video. 
Email me for free template with instructions.  The choice is yours.  I make nothing by doing this except friends.



FYI   They even lie in this video or rather do not tell the full truth.  Notice that near the end they use that nasty word twice (Legal), not lawful.  To correct this do a Live Life Claim and sending one to the Vatican and all their corporate entities as I did in 2017.  Once you cancel a citation, (ticket) they will then take back their issued D.L., which you do not need, I am proof again,  Don’t worry about the bank your name is a fictitious entity and they let the real live man / woman take out and put in, you can go both ways with consent.  You need no Insurance of any kind, Example, auto ins., is for your property not the other guys and the LEO’s cannot make you get it, only by consent.  I am proof once again.  Social security is under a two way contract, you paid in by consent, you take out by consent. The Live Life Claim allows you to enter both legal and lawful, just don’t send a copy to your bank or SS or they can misidentify you and cancel you out. No one else can notify them, you have to be the one in order for them to cancel the contract.  Are we all getting it yet?   

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