Military vax

From:“Robert” <>

COVID-19 has been proven to not exist.  By Robert-Dean: House
Lets get this right from the get go.  I am hearing lots about the Military Mandating the jab.  I am, talking to all currant Military members. As i once was.
The men and women of the military have a contract with the Corporate United States Federal Government, see Title 28 of the United States Code, sub section 3002, paragraph 15.  That is settled. 
There is and never was a virous known as COVID -19 for nothing was isolated to verify it.  Military members must make a choice too, if they are being required to take the shot with the threat of being dishonorably discharged and or fined or anything else if they don’t, then make them do it, and breach the contract.  Hold your ground.
Once out of the Military, ( you do not have to be out to do a Live Life Claim), do a Live Life Claim then later  do a form of affidavit claim of, Breach of Contract.  Just telling them this will secure your tour.  Above all do not fear, stand tall, smart and proud and know who is in charge of your life.  To take this country down they, the elite, have to do what they can to get the Military out of their way.  Remember always, DECEIT AND CONSENT.  Email me for a free template and instructions and you decide. Please, anyone on active duty contact me and let me know what your unit is requiring. 
P.S.  Was your contract with the branch of service you joined transparent and clear as to who you were serving or working for, the Corporate Government?  If you can answer no to that question then you can nullify the contract under fraud.    
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