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From “Robert” <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

Lies and more lies, deceit and consent. By :Robert-Dean: House

I cannot resist the rebuttal. This is what our young people think under years of brain washing.

Reference to the 7 minute video. Now sit back and see the truth which they do not want you to know.

:18 seconds into the video, and I will give you the time stamp of where you can find this. One can not redeem a Birth Certificate and no Government has ownership, the Vatican does. One cannot own another’s copyright / patented instrument which the Birth Certificate is. If one were to purchase it at its value then one would have a claim of ownership under a two party contract, that is if the Pope wanted to sell it.

1:21 The capital entity is the factious character know as the STRAW MAN. Exp. The straw man on the Wizard of Oz is a factious character as were all the rest of them even Dorthy.

2:30 Common law is not basic law under the original Constitution. Common law is based on God’s law, the Commandments. The most basic of which is that no man may do harm to another or his property.

2:28 The system he is referring to but avoids, is the Legal System of color of law.

2:46 The B.C. is not a loophole in common law but rather a creation of evil enforced under the legal system.

3:10 They keep stating the word, “Government”, there are no true governments since 1861, in the united States anyway, they are usurped governments acting as service corporations.

3:40 Yes, it is against common law but as long as people claim to be a CITIZEN of the United States Corporation, they are consenting to its taxes, statutes, codes, laws, rules, USC’s, UCC’s, etc. as privileges granted to them.

4:00 Opt out of their system by doing a Live Life Claim.

4:31 One cannot take a B.C. back, it is not yours. Taking something belonging to another is known as a trespass via theft.

4:55 A 2000 page book, really? All that just for a form of affidavit claim under common law?

5:00 Winning court cases. When one claims who and what they are and who and what they are not, they will not have a need to enter into a legal court to prove disprove anything to anyone. They can do it via form of affidavit of a claim of no contract in response to a court summons, citation, writ etc.

5:10 “Don’t steal something that is not yours”. But then the guy is saying you can claim the B.C. which is not yours. (Who set these two up to confuse the viewers?)

5:17 The corporate banking laws only apply to the factious entity person by consent which is often received after they are deceived. (There is a little more to this but I will not take the time to explain).

5: 30 Again, why put yourself out and take a chance by entering the court? Witch one does not have to do under common law. In Florida, common law is in effect and does supersede all color of law statutes, codes, etc. See their own Statute stating it at Fl. St. Stu. 2.01.

5: 50 “A guy going into a Government building”, but it is not a Government building but in fact a private Corporate building paid for with funds from the peoples’ consent who have been deceived as to what the building was for and who for. Yes, one can be asked to leave and or be trespassed from such a building if one is violating their rules or laws especially if one claims to be a citizen under their control.

6:05 “I sold my live Birth”. Really? Who to? And are you now sold into slavery with your consent? Also, they are not policy makers, they are policy enforcers.

6:37 “Police officers you run into”. When they question you, all you have to do, as a non-citizen with a Live Life Claim is to say, “i do not answer questions”. End of interview. You may ask questions.

6:40 You will never go to jail or court if you answer their contracts of summons, writs, citations, etc. with a form of affidavit of no contract within the time they allow, usually 30 days. This is self governance under common law via a Live Life Claim of the man or woman.

7:00 Now, their punch line for what I suspected. Making it seem like it is to hard and complicated to do. No, it is not, and if one contracts a purchase of an airline ticket and they do not honor the contract due to one not having a corporate I.D. one can then explain to them how one can file a grievance via form of affidavit claim of a contract breach for lots of damages. Then use your Live Life Claim as your I.D. which has your God given seal, thumb print, for which they can not refuse. Does their I. D. have that on it? If it does, you consented to a registration of theirs and you are their property.

7: 12 “What is the point of leaving”, leaving Satan’s legal system? Look around you today. What system are you living in? They, the corporation are taking back the privileges they issued you and are closing down your businesses by suspending your license contract with them for non compliance to their rule of a mask mandate, etc.

Do not heed these to young people for they are entities of the corporation for which they wish to remain, by their own words.

Stay and play in Satan’s system and see what will become of you.


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