Advances for Counties

From Anna von Reitz
We did not start by organizing at the County level first.  That was purposeful on our part.  The reasons for our decision to organize the States first become apparent once you know and consider the history.  
Our land and soil jurisdiction Counties came first in the time-line, as well as in the practical progression of state-building. 
You always have to have land and soil in your possession before you have “standing” to take any other action, and so it was that in 1776, it was the Colonists in possession of the land and soil who had to make the first move both in terms of lawful claims set forth in The Declaration of Independence and in terms of governmental organization —- and this is exactly what we find. 
The Colonies were built of individual estates and the estates were joined together according to traditional boundaries of political organization as Colonies, which were then redefined to form “the free and independent” States of the Union. 
The County system came later and was by no means universal.  Counties were common in areas populated by the British, but the Parish system dominated wherever the French, Spanish, and other Catholic governments colonized.  To this day, the Parish system endures in Louisiana, and with it, Napoleonic Law. 
So, the original and uniform organization of our government came at the State level and in the land jurisdiction, not at the level of Counties and soil jurisdiction organization—-contrary to what most people expect, who assume that States are made up from building blocks of Counties. 
Instead, counties are cut out from and layered over the underlying bulk of the State.
It’s the State, therefore, that is the fundamental unit of government, even though it exists only in international jurisdiction. 
There are other reasons, too.  We have been trafficked off the land and soil against our Will and without our knowledge or consent, and so to some extent have our Counties been hijacked and unlawfully converted into sea jurisdiction corporate entities operating as “the County of……” organizations and COUNTY organizations.  
The only way that we can claim redress and properly recoup our standing is by admitting the harm that has been done to us and the position that this unlawful conversion left us in.  
If we try to say, well, it was all done under conditions of fraud and deceit, and therefore all null and void —- which is true, also — we cannot recoup our damages for those outrages we have suffered on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 
Put another way— if you ignore all the false registration and taxation and confiscation issues by only claiming the fraud, you are left without redress for the press-ganging, inland piracy, racketeering, breach of trust, peonage and enslavement, conspiracy against the Constitutions and all else that has gone on here. 
Thus, if we had organized the Counties first, we would have reversed the actual order necessary to repopulate the land and soil, and we would have lost all logical basis and standing to address the crimes that have occurred in the international jurisdiction via a process akin to severing the chain of title on a piece of property. 
For these reasons and more, the American States have assembled first, and the Counties have been repopulated as a natural consequence of that process.  As each one of us returns home to our State, we are also living in a soil jurisdiction County or Parish that is populated at the same time. 
Over the last few months many of you have attended County conference calls and many topics related to Counties and County ownership interests have been discussed as part of a round table forum.  We now feel that we have a good grasp of a wide spectrum of your concerns as we face the task of recouping our property and our county administrations—but at the same time, we also have to answer the question of how this has to be done and set up in tandem with the existing system. 
The answers, as with so much else of this process, lie in the history of the issues and that eternal Maxim of Law: “As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.” 
Those who have contacted me about taking part in Land Patent Clerk training similar activities need to touch back now as we will be delving into a lot of land records for research and recoupment purposes nationwide.  
Please send me an email at with the subject line “Patent Clerk” if you are interested in working on the County Recoupment Project we are gearing up.  
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