The Corporate Governments

The Corporate Governments – By :Robert-Dean: House

I have been telling people about this for years.  They finally get it in Australia.


Once again I will post this article I wrote in 2018. 

A Country without a Government – By :Robert-Dean: House 8-18-18

The original Constitution of the United States was not created for the rights of its people but instead it was created to put restraints on the Government. It is very important to understand this point. Government was created by the people to serve and protect the people of this country. Today, Government is not Government but a Corporation. The Constitution has nothing to do with a Corporation, it can not regulate it, it can not control it, it can not change it, it can not protect the people from it because the Corporation uses deceit and consent in its operations. The people can not even control a corporation but they can control those who are members of the corporation as individuals. Therefore, as a result of this fact, We the People have no controllable Government to govern. Without a Government we have no Constitution. When this starts to make sense to you, you can better understand what is going on in our courts and CORPORATIONS, (AKA as GOVERNMENT). The CORPORATION put the people of the United States under its authority by way of its copyright-controlled birth certificate without our knowledge but with our parents’ consent. It has become the responsibility of each and every single person to disclaim the CORPORATIONS claim to us. This is coming out of the Matrix. Just like the movie. Each one of us needs to make this decision. If we do not, we can not go against the CORPORATION. Once enough people declare their status they can then assemble and re-establish a lawful Government and can control their consent to the CORPORATIONS. Do not declare your status and the CORPORATION will shut you down under their control and not enough people assembled will be ignored. Remember, no Constitution, no means to control. This IS what we have. We must stop feeding the beast of the CORPORATION in order to control or kill it. At this moment too many people wish to stay in their comfort zone, (taking the blue pill vs. the red). The most important goal of the people who have made their declaration, is to get more people out of the BEAST CORPORATION SYSTEM, (MATRIX). Don’t believe me? Go to, with Debarah Tavares, “Who’s Running America and the CAP”. We the People can not and must not go up against the BEAST with an assembly of CORPORATE people. The CORPORATION will destroy its own people and we all know this very well. An assembly of We the People can not serve papers to a CORPORATION in hopes of changing it. We must starve it and push it over and replace it with a Government controlled by We the People. Once we have, if ever, a people-controlled Government, this Government must, MUST, declare peace with the peoples.

To declare your status, contact me at “” I will help at no cost to you. We are all in this together.

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