Not “My” Supporters

By Anna von Reitz

The California Assembly has had a lot of problems, but none so pernicious as the idea that California can leave the Union and exist as its own country.  This is called “Secessionism” and it is a form of insurrection against the lawful government of this country.  It is illegal and unlawful and it has nothing to do with our lawful assembly process. 
Nonetheless, some people who want to call themselves “Californians” also want to embrace this foreign Separatist agenda and use our Assemblies to promote it.  This is not being allowed. 
Secessionism today is no different from the secessionism that caused the American Civil War. 
Ironically, just as we have declared peace on the land and soil, and all our Assemblies including California, have agreed to this, the leadership of The California Assembly goes haywire and starts preaching the very sins that led to the Civil War in the first place. 
Let’s be very, very clear.  California is a fully enrolled member of the Federation of States and a member of the Union of States formed in 1776.  There is no other kind or form of “California”.  You are either a Californian, or you are not.  
When you start thinking and teaching that “California” is something else, imagining that you can just redefine it and relabel it and “Presto-change-o” create a “New California” made in your own image, without any obligations to the other States and other people that make up this country, you are on the way to hell and gone off track.  
And you are certainly not “my” supporter and have nothing whatsoever to do with The California Assembly, either. 
So, people of California, be forewarned.  The only honorable and peaceable Assembly in California is being led by Federation Coordinators who are, obviously, vetted by the Federation of States, and who are, obviously, restoring the Union to full function—not destroying the Union of States and trying to build something else. 
If any Secessionists come to you in my name, rebuff them for me.  I am not any kind of insurrectionist and I do not seek, preach, or tolerate any agenda that seeks to undermine the lawful and established government of this country.  
The people affiliated with me and  the organizations which we support, seek to restore our lawful government to its full function– at the State level and countrywide.  
Our lawful State Assemblies support the Union of States and the abolishment of slavery in all its forms.  We support the Federation of States and its important work in international jurisdictions to safeguard American interests abroad. We seek to restore the Confederation of States which was destroyed in the Civil War and never Reconstructed. 
We, Americans, have undertaken the work of self-governance we are heir to, within the lawful framework of our established government.  We are here to restore our government as our government is meant to be. We have no other agenda, political or otherwise. 

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