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Hi Robert,
what experience or case histories can you point to which indicates that this approach gets some result other than a warrant for your arrest for non-appearance?  

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First off, i did a Live Life Claim and took myself out of their CITIZEN Corporation in 2017 by serving all corporate entities via certified mail and return receipt.  I now have rights as a People vs. privileges of a Citizen.  As you know, Warrants have to have a party who has been harmed along with a sworn Affidavit of that harm from the party.  One can not harm another for refusing to contract with a summons therefor i know there is no warrant for me as the real man, :Robert-Dean: House.  If they do do one for a ROBERT D. HOUSE, ( a factious character), and try to serve it, i would have to show them my I.D. which proves who and what i am and ask to see the affidavit.  I will also show the Officer trying to serve it that the judge is not a lawful judge but the Administrator of a service corporation entity for a profit, by showing the DUNS number and the all caps name of said corporation which will be at the top of the warrant, should he/she execute said warrant he/she can be held liable in their private capacity.  
Once people comprehend who and what the attorneys and judges really are, they can, in writing, refuse any and all of their contracts BUT only after making the claim as to who and what the one is.  One is either a People of God or a Citizen of the Corporation which judges and attorneys preside over.  ITS THAT SIMPLE.  But with out the claim one is assumed or presumed to be a Citizen and this is proven by a D. L. issued by the corporation, or a voter registration, business license, etc.  
Another answer to your question is in the public record in that post.  Go to, and do some reading.  “Take the time, Find the time, or Do the the time”. 
Under common law if one has been harmed, he/she has the right to make a claim against those who have harmed.  Thus, see attached an unfinished document going out before Christmas to all those involved in cutting my 20 acres of land in half and selling the south 10 and locking me out of my land.  The whole incident is in the public record.  They have since kept me from posting any further forms of affidavits into that record because i am not a citizen of theirs, which is the right of a corporation, but Government has no rights under the People, thus we know they are incorporated and not true Government.  One does not have to be a legal man like David Straight to refuse a contract before their court. So, this document is going to be handled under International Postal Law.  All will be served and a copy will be sent to the Clerk of Court Corporation to be filed but will not get filed but it will not matter for once they sign the return it is now lawful in any lawful court.  It can not and will not be tried in any legal court.  After the 21 day are up and they do not comply several thing can be done next.  Send it to a collections corporation, send it to their Insurance, (for those claiming to be government entities), send a copy to their mortgage comp. or bank.  Yes, they may try something with an attorney and if they do, a form of affidavit will reply with a no contract.  END OF STORY.  “One must put aside all fear of these evil corporate entities and beat them in the Lawful world vs. the Legal fiction”
P.S. Decided not to send the attachment yet until it is finished and has been sent to all involved.  But i will send it to you for you are also a form of public record. 
These are the laws they are breaking — need I say more?



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