What Do You Think?

From Digger <xjdigger@gmail.com>

Are you ready to awaken from your Slumber?
Should you wait for Someone else to do it for you?
How long will you cower and take the abuse?
From people who stole their authority from You.


* Notes:
    – The people are waking up to a very undisciplined government after Decades of abuse of authority
    – spoiled brat representative government that needs to be taken to the woodshed
    – Peoples rights are violated by unlawful arrests and prosecution
    – ? Religion and politics don’t mix?
    – ? should Christians be involved with government??
    – God commands that Christians must be involved with government
    – ?Romans presentation submission to government ?
    – The Vatican and their Jesuits rewrote the New Testament with Greek Translations and hid the original Hebrew writings. Fact the Hebrew writings exist today.
    – One man stands up and others stand up
        – That Ain’t happening today.
    – I will not participate, I will not comply, (I will not consent)
    – Change will not happen without movement
    – ? submissive and compliant ??
    – Stop looking for leaders and start being one.
    – Our government is out of control
    – how do we fix this
    – Sheriffs
    – ignore the people and trample the rights
    – Life liberty property right to defend
    – You are a slave
    – God – man – society – government -> inverted – subjects to rulers
    – Truth is self evident
    – Consent of the people – government power is not just
    – By the authority of the people – free and independent state.
    – The people created the state – to secure our rights
    – Constitution a legal contract – compact
    – If it is not listed in the constitution, It belongs to the rights of the people
    – Madison’s federalist 45 few and defined
    – Delegate power higher to lower  and temporary   
    – Secure our rights – The state’s rights belong to the consent of the peope.
    – power reserved to the state (by the authority of the people)
    – Our constitution is still a legally binding contract.

 * Now Study the American History, Our constitution and stand up to defend the rights of All American People as Equal free and independent.
 * Finish Kris Anne Hall and WAKE-UP, Standup, and do our duty to prosecute the law breakers.
   * Do not comply with with unlawful authority –  Who is Willing to stand?

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