The truth be just that and nothing else.  By :Robert-Dean: House
My heart goes out to all lives lost, thus why i can not give in to them.
Please post this for i have had contact, via email, with Christopher but i think he sees me as another person / citizen of the corporation and not a serious People.  He has no time to call me or read my emails so i would like to contact him through your site.  He needs to see that going after THEM in there courts is not the way to do it, for several reasons for which i will go into.
One must use stealth, documentation under common law via common law claims on their real property.  I am in the middle of doing this myself with several of the legal actors in my area, to include the local Sheriff who once set me up for assassination, but they failed.  Christopher is doing good work but he is missing some of the peaces to the puzzle.  One to remember is that no citizen has rights after giving them up.  Just like so many others who can not see this process of first and foremost, Making a Claim of who and what he/she is.  These Legal entities presume or assume the people as their citizens because all citizens have made a claim of such by accepting one or more of their issued license, registrations,  etc.  Also, if their court houses are anything like ours, in Florida, they have been rebuilt through fraud and deceit of needing a new one due to the old building being, “sick”, their words.  They then tax the people for a Justice Center, as they call it here.  This building is not a public building.  It is a Corporate building and people can be trespassed from it for being disruptive or jailed.  So why set foot in their snake pit?   We know who and where to find these actors who have now locked themselves out of the publics reach via the COVID lie.  But,  They are still accepting registered or certified Mail.  The peaceful and common law way to stop one who has done another harm is to put a claim against their property, home, etc. My situation will soon be posted on how i did this but it is taking a lot of time due to so many actors involved.  For more information anyone may contact me at,  for instructions on how to do a Live Life Claim and template, one need only to ask.

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