A Greater Reset than the Great Reset is happening

From: Dennis Banks <dcbanksusa@gmail.com>

No. Your country is not dead. The world is not lost. Humanity is not doomed.

Our nations are being cleansed and purified. The world is waking up from centuries of deception, and discovers the truth. Humanity is rising against evil, exposing it and preparing to build a better society.

I say NO! to all the voices that proclaim death, doom and destruction over our world. Too many so called ‘freedom fighters’ are in fact mouthpieces of the powers of darkness, constantly proclaiming, declaring and prophesying their plans to succeed. I rebuke that and say:

There is hope for this world. Beautiful, glorious and powerful hope.

During the past century humanity has been submitted to the intense crime of ever increasing toxic vaccinations, that caused an unprecedented prevalence of childhood diseases, and a never seen before explosion of severe health issues in billions of adults. What promised to eradicate disease from the earth, in fact caused a devastating rise of countless diseases, both mental and physical.

As mankind was injected again and again, the people became more ill than any generation in all of human history. It’s hard to find even one truly healthy human, these days. Hail the vaccines!

This is now being exposed all over the world. The criminal pharmaceutical industry that has been poisoning and destroying innumerable precious human beings, is now being exposed for what it is: a deeply evil criminal cartel focused on enriching the rich and weakening the world population.

So called pain killers, used by almost every human on earth, are created strategically to destroy the heart, kidneys, liver and cause a wide variety of other critical health disasters.

It’s no necessary evil that most medicines cause far more destruction in the human bodies than they do good. The pharmaceutical industry really isn’t that stupid, that they cannot make safe medicines.

The world is waking up to the intensely criminal agendas that have been served by those who keep claiming to ‘help’ us. After suppressing and even forbidding all existing safe, effective and cheap cures for covid, now these criminal companies claim to ‘invent’ pills that will help prevent and cure covid. Yeah right. Murder millions first and then say you want to save the lives of others.

It’s over.

Their reign is coming to an end.

Hundreds of millions and soon billions of people are finding out how they have been lied to, poisoned, murdered, robbed and deceived in every imaginable way.

The culprits are being revealed as never before. In politics, media, healthcare, military, education… the masks are falling.

Of course, those with corrupt hearts, still follow the madmen who prepare the most insane plans for humanity. They will do anything for a few zeroes on their bank account.

But their reign is coming to an end.
They have dug their own graves.

Thinking they can get away with something as blatantly obvious as this criminal PlanDemic… Silencing thousands of physicians and scientists is backfiring on them massively. Every voice they silence, opens up minds all over the world who are witnessing this censorship.

The way they crashed through all boundaries of common sense, in stealing the 2020 presidential elections in way too many ways, shows their desperation.

Panic leads to foolish decisions.

Mountains of evidence are piling up, that will come crashing down on the heads of those who – in their foolishness – thought they could outsmart the host of intelligent and sincere people. Even the Most High they challenged in their blind arrogance.

There is hope for humanity.

It may seem as if the wicked are succeeding, because that’s what the media tells you. When there are millions of protesters, the news talks about hundreds. While the media claims what ‘science’ says, explosive numbers of real scientists are properly informing a daily increasing number of people worldwide.

Yes, the fools and totally inconsiderate ones who forgot to think, follow the narrative. But even among these blind followers of the lying media, more and more are opening their eyes and begin to see what is going on.

The world will go through a rebirth.

A Greater Reset than the Great Reset is happening.

But as a current system is crumbling, it causes pain and heartache, turmoil and stress. Many are dying, so that the vast majority will live. The price being paid is high, but it doesn’t mean there is no hope.

The more people get injured by the vaccines, the more the whole concept of vaccinations is being exposed as what it is, opening a future for humanity of freedom from this destructive lie that claims to protect people by injecting large amounts of different toxins into their bodies.

Never again will toxic injections terrorize all of humanity.

The veil is falling.

Humanity is seeing the horrors behind the scenes.

I encourage everyone reading this to stop listening to the voices that proclaim the victory of evil, even if they claim to serve good.

Those who have been the messengers of darkness, by declaring the triumph of corruption, must turn 180 degrees, and begin to proclaim the goodness of the One who is greater than all realms of wickedness.

Learn to be the voice of hope and healing.

Words have power.

Words have authority.

Words create and empower.

Words can build or destroy.

Use your words to create an atmosphere of hope, healing and freedom.

Because this what we are heading for: a breakthrough of light in this world.

The only reason darkness is allowed to reveal itself, is so it can be judged and expelled.

It’s time for hope, and courage.

David Sorensen

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