The Jury found Kyle NOT GUILTY.
In case you want to know WHY and in case your life is ever in the hands of jurors who listen to FACTS not bias liberal idiot commentators:
Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.
The Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.
Kyle’s Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois.
Joseph Rosenbaum knocked him down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head.
Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard.
Gaige Grosskreutz, a felon in possession of firearm, aimed his gun at Kyle first, as he admitted on the stand.
In the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed, also that part of the law is poorly drafted in Wisconsin).
Kyle did not cross state lines with a gun he wasn’t supposed to have. The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.
Rosenbaum was a 5 time convicted child rapist and that Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater.
Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record also.
If the media did its job… we would ALL have known this……

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