If They Make an Offer

By Anna von Reitz
If They Make an Offer
What if someone offered to buy your car by sending you an unsolicited postcard in the mail?
And you just threw it out with the other junk mail?
Are you responsible for answering their offer? Not really, but…. what if they send you an offer under color of law, telling you that you “MUST” reply and “MUST” enroll in a “government sponsored program”? And it appears to be legitimate?
And you do respond and you do enroll under what turns out to be a False Presumption?
This is what happened with Social Security.
They just self-interestedly “presumed” that we were all choosing to act as Municipal citizens of the United States and that we all wanted to be considered “as” Municipal Federal Employees for purposes of taxation and retirement benefits.
And they misaddressed us under color of law without giving any full disclosure to anyone about who they were, or what “government” they represented, or what any of this meant or who was subject to answer their offer —- which really only applies to actual Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents.
It would be like Ford Motor Company pretending to be “the government” and sending out a mass mailing telling everyone in the country that they had to sign up for their company retirement plan.
That’s what FDR did to bulwark the Federal Pension System back in the 1930’s.
Today there is a major scam operation taking place with “agents” from “the Social Security Administration” — purportedly— calling you with an official-sounding announcement telling you that you have been accused of a crime and you MUST stay on the line or face criminal prosecution……
If you follow the connection, someone pretending to be “Alan Smith” or “James Fox” or some other ubiquitously common name, will say that he is there to give you information about “your case” — and he will try to solicit all sorts of personal information about you, your birthday, social security number (when he is supposed to be calling from the Social Security Administration) and telephone and other information.
These are phishing schemes, most of them coming from overseas, where these yahoos collect data on you in order to impersonate you, steal your credit, and promote other crimes.
Just say no. No, I don’t give out such information over the phone. No, I am not “required” to enroll in anything. No, I don’t have to register my name or my baby or anything else. I’ve recorded my name and my status as a biological parent. No, I don’t have to enroll in Social Security or the Selective Service or any of the rest of it. And, no, I don’t “voluntarily” consent to any of it.
If you “volunteer” you legalize their False Presumptions.
So don’t volunteer. Make it clear that any “pass through” use you make of your employees’ services is coincidental and does not mean that you are present within or domiciled in the Municipal United States. And that includes Social Security.
And if any Agency of “the” Government contacts you for any reason, tell them to put it in writing. Never talk to any Agent voluntarily. Always force them to put everything in writing.
Anna Maria
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