News Flash — No Such Thing as “Emergency Powers”

By Anna von Reitz of Big Lake Alaska | #3415

All these “Governors” working as State-of-State Federal Franchise Managers for the “new” US CORP that Joe Biden is fronting are signing “Emergency Declarations” — which logically only impact Municipal United States citizens — demanding that the “Sheriffs” employed by the “County of” organizations obtain all your information, including your medical history, and send it to Joe as a requirement to receive— guess what? 
A share of the federal racketeering payola— whether you call it “Block Grants” or “TARP” or CARES or whatever else, that’s what it is. 
If you aren’t a Municipal citizen of the United States, none of this applies to you, and for the record, there are not and have never been any “Emergency Powers” granted to any of these yahoos. 
Be sure and tell them that.  
Your private medical information is private and you need to stand up and make sure that you keep it that way.  
How?  By process serving the Governor and demanding that he obey and fulfill his Public Duty and observe the Public Law.  
We never granted any level of government any permission to say one word about our health or our health care.  Tell the Bozos that plainly observable fact and don’t be nice about it. 
They get away with bossing around and surveilling their own employees and dependents as a condition of employment or dependency, but they haven’t got a leg to stand on when they pretend to have authority over the rest of us. 
Tell them so, in no uncertain terms.  
Tell them that you noticed that you weren’t getting a federal paycheck, so you have no federal income, and you don’t agree to be a “voluntary transactor” in commerce, either. 
Tell them that their attempted usurpation has been duly noted and won’t be forgiven if they continue their deceptive mercenary behavior and improper demands. 
Tell them that they will be charged one trillion dollars for selling any information with your name attached to it, regardless of the style, ordering, or appearance of your name.  Ditto that regarding the sale of any information with any number or alphanumeric connection to you and your identity.  
Tell them that they are skating on very thin ice and that both the Territorial and Municipal Government have been colluding to kill their own employees, alter the genomes of their employees and sell their employee’s personal information for profit — which was never a fully disclosed condition of employment.  
Tell them that this is both illegal and unlawful and that the Public Law is again being enforced in this country, so if they continue this predation, they will be charged with murder and hung.  This is not a threat.  It’s a statement of fact. 
Simple enough.  Send the message.  You’ve got nothing to lose but your freedom and your lives — which will be stolen from you anyway, if you continue to stand for this garbage.  

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