Re: Patriot Princess from Minnesota will be a guest on the Glenn Beck

Here’s a recording of the live interview with Glenn. About 15 minutes.*131×586*_ga*MjAzODUyMTkxNS4xNjM4NDg5MTMx*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTYzODQ4OTEzMC4xLjEuMTYzODQ4OTU0Ny4w

From Robert < >

I listened. Lisa, How does a citizen have any rights when they were consented away under the State Corporation Licensing Policies?  The Judge is not a judge, he/she is an Administrator of the State Corporation, look it up on DUNS and Bradstreet.  Look at it like this: like he is working for the Sears Corporation as their Administrator and you are a willing employee under their rules, statutes, codes, etc.  Why would they allow you to go against their policies that you consented to prior to becoming an employee?  They can now fire you or fine you for going against their rules as long as you have a license in your name, LISA HANSEN.  The Bill of Rights only applies to real people not to a Corporate Citizen.  Go to, “A Warrior Calls”, and listen to Christopher James.  Please.   Think of this, what if I had no license.  Does having a license make the food better?  Does it make the people happy?  Then why do people always seek a third party for approval to do what one has a right to do on their own?   

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