One for my fellow vets.  by :Robert-Dean: House 

I had an appointment at the Port Charlotte Veterans Center last Friday for blood test.  I had not been in since before the COVID rouge.  There was a nurse at the door stopping access and demanding the wearing of a mask and for screening.  I asked why did I need a mask when no virus had been isolated.  She replied with the CDC commands and that of the VA and she was just doing her job.  I then told her that that is part of the problem and you have to stop saying you are doing it because of the job.  I picked up a mask off of her table when she started to ask me questions.  I simply replied with. “I am not answering any questions”.  She continued on with the questions as if she was a robot with a routine.  I keep saying no, no, no, I am not answering any questions and walked in.  I put the mask on and had it under my nose so I could breath freely.   As I waited to be checked in with no one else in line, I noticed all the chairs with paper taped on the arms and across above the seats on the two middle chairs of rows of four chairs, leaving only the two outside chairs open in order to push the 6 feet distance. Usually most all the chairs are filled, now only the end ones.  After checking in I stood by the other entrance door which was locked so all had to be funneled in and out through one door.  It was only 3 minutes when I was called by a nurse from the, “Blood Room”.  I approached the opening doorway and she handed me a small sample cup and a handy wipe, for the cup.  She then instructed me to pull the mask over my nose.  I replied that I breath through my nose.  She replied with you have to put the mask over your nose so I can draw your blood. (My thinking, what does that have to do with her oath and duty to draw blood?)  Those very stupid words set me off, so I reached over to a counter top and sat the cup and wipe down, turned, pulled of the mask and walked out. On the way out the robot replied, “Have a nice day”.  I replied back, “It started that way until I got here”.  I am 64 years old and do not need dictators in any part of my life.  I only use the VA to give me options and direction so I can make a better decision through non pharmaceutical solutions.  And I am still not addicted to any of their medications for I do not take any.  I still have an appointment with the doctor this Friday to go over the blood test.  I am going to see him without a mask if he has to come out into the parking lot or by phone.  I am going to demand that he declare me with some known disease like mesothelioma so i can join a law suit claim.  I know what his answer will be.  He can’t do that.  Then I will ask him why he took an oath to help the people and then takes orders from a foreign entity like the CDC and is treating people for something that does not exist, as proven.  I am out of the Beast Legal system after doing a Live Life Claim.  To join the lovers of life please email me for a free template and instructions of a Live Life Claim.  Take a look at it and if you still want to be killed off by the elite CDC, that is you prerogative.

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