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PDF DUNS CCSO P-1 9-6-19 PDF DUNS CCSO P-2 9-6-19 PDF DUNS CCSO P-2 9-6-19 PDF DUNS CCSO p-3 9-6-19 

Your call with Ray, Dec. 15, 2021, about 54:29 minutes into the video:  The Sheriffs are NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE.  In the United States contract known as the Constitution, they MUST be elected by paper ballot via a ballot box.  This does not mean first on paper and a computer tally.  The Dominion computer system/program was created by the creator of the elite to fraud the people.  Yes, the Sheriff is the highest when they are properly elected in the proper way and taken the proper oath.  I was once a Deputy Sheriff here in Charlotte County Fl.  See attached DUNS and Bradstreet assigned number to my county Sheriff.  The worst thing about this is that he knows it.  The office of the Sheriff is located at the address of 7474 Utilities and the phone number they use in the registration is 941-639-2101.  I remembered this number as the main number to a non-911 line. Please call me at 239-229-6243.  Sheriff Mac knows this too for I have emailed him many times to explain.  This has to be addressed first before going further.  I will soon, under common law do a fraud claim with the county corporation for not informing me of working for a corporation and not the people for the 7 1/2 years I was there.
December 15th 2021 New York Gathering (

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