Merry Christmas To ALL

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Things may be changing in the next week or so, as it has been kept quiet in the MSM and the government, it appears that the US INC. has been officially put into bankruptcy for good as of Dec 20, 2021 and cannot function anymore, therefore they do not EXIST, and with the Organic Act of 1871 being reversed, we go back to Common Law with the states themselves having the higher authority than Washington D.C., with no underlying jurisdiction from the Queen. Along with this each and every STATE OF ……., INC. as a franchise does NOT EXIST as they are controlled by the US INC.!

The City of London, Washington D.C. and the Vatican have all officially been declared as BANKRUPT with their gold and assets seized, and one sign of this is that the winner of Britain’s Got Talent was to perform at the big gala in front of the Queen earlier this year, yet they did not have any of their performances in 2021 as all their videos are from previous years, yet the America’s Got Talent still had their live performances in 2021 with people seated in the audience. Thus, I think Governor Newsom will be out the door ASAP once this comes forward and we won’t have to call in our militia to keep him from having 90% of the people vaccinated.

If President Trump and the USA Military had full control all along since Jan 20, 2021, then why didn’t they tell all the people what was happening? Well you don’t tell the enemy what your strategy is to beat them and who you have arrested to then take down more of the enemy. It would then seem like Trump was a sore loser and a dictator, as now all is being revealed by the bad guys themselves, but the Plan has been set in place with things to be revealed by the Emergency Broadcast System hopefully this coming week and many things coming about for the benefit of We The People as of Jan 1, 2022. So stay put and let things happen as they may, and that is why the lockdowns were happening to start with for people to get used to for people to stay at home when the military goes around and catches the bad guys.

The government you think is in charge with Biden is just a cover story to keep things in place for more of the criminals to be taken down, as you don’t take down the Queen and then have hundreds of thousands of their cronies get away for them to do it all over again, so you take everyone down bit by bit while many think they are still in control.

One of the first things to happen is for the nine US Supreme Court Justices to be arrested as they no longer have Jurisdiction to make any rulings, like on the election fraud and the COVID-19 vaccines, as this will be done with Military Tribunals and Nuremberg 2.0 Court Trials at the Hague. Another thing is that there will no longer be any more US Citizens as that came about per the 14th Amendment which they are ‘PROPERTY,’ slaves, of the US INC. and thus we now ALL become Sovereign People without filling out paperwork approved of by the STATE and notarized to do so, therefore Law Enforcement cannot have us arrested for not having ID showing our name as JOHN DOE SMITH, a corporation.

December 23, 1913 was when several members of Congress came together to vote in the Federal Reserve Act to bring in the Third Bank of the USA run by the big bankers and not as any independent bank run by the people. There was not the proper amount of representatives there to vote on it yet they did it anyways as many were on their Christmas break, and it was signed by the conned President Wilson. So 108 years later this has finally been shut down and it will be made Public real soon, along with United States Notes backed by gold being put out for We The People, as one year from now the Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be VALID, yet till then they will be exchanged at the banks for the USNs and be accepted for purchases at any location, so these USNs will not be considered as counterfeit.

Many countries are return exchanging the FRN for their own currency or with hard assets. I think for the next few months the police will be called out even by the merchandisers for their ignorance that these USNs are truly valid, but I’m sure Notices will be Mandatory to be Posted so We The People will know they can be accepted. How many drug dealers will now carry around bags full of these new USNs? So paying cash for a new car or home may not be in the best interest for anyone. Of course the prices of items will go back to the 1950’s and thus the removal of 70 years of inflation. If you purchased a home for $500,000 and now you can only sell it for $30,000 you are not going to go into debt for that possible $470,000 worth of losses as it is the banker’s loss not yours, as when you purchased your home the contract stated the funds came from your Treasury Direct Account which is tied to your SSN and Birth Certificate, a Bearer Bond in your name you did not know about and the banks won’t tell you. They just borrow off of your money you loaned them, a con game. You’ll find out soon about all this.

For me I have not been in the best of luck for the last few years as some of my roof tiles have been torn off by the strong winds and I haven’t been able to replace them over my bedroom as now I sleep on the sofa, but even the plastic I put up underneath the rafters to keep the rain out has really gotten bad, as the first time the rain was so bad it just soaked the insulation in 2017 and the ceiling panels just fell onto my bed and that is why I had to move out of the bedroom and then put the plastic up there. So the last few days we have had some light rain yet it was bad enough that even early this Christmas Eve morning before the Sun came up I had to get some of the puddles of water out from the sagging plastic, as it had torn away from the rafters, and it still got my floor and other things wet. Last year it got so bad one day it was about 5 gallons of water that got into my collection containers, but since then this year we have had a drought so bad the nice yellow flowers that grew up in the desert sand, thousands of them, there were only maybe a dozen this year. With these light rains we have had colder weather now and I can see Telescope Peak from my kitchen window at about 11,000 feet and it has been nice to see some snow on it. Over the last several months, when we have not had the clouds overhead, I could see Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all setting towards the Sun for which in a few months it would be daylight and they would not be visible till late next year. And this morning when the Sun was rising I could see the rain clouds disappearing over the Eastern Mountains and now we have clear sky, but the temperatures may drop again to 40 degrees at night.

But for some of you that want a nice Christmas with your family and not have to work then you better look the other way as there are many out there that have no choice; primarily police, EMTs, medical professionals and the airliners so some can get home or visit family. But over 8 years ago I was one of those that was in the same situation that I could either stay home, and not have a job, or I was the one that actually make the runs so others could get home and be with their family, and that is being a Long Haul Truck Driver. You want your nice Christmas dinner and all your nice Christmas presents then you better thank the truckers for getting it there. This is with fighting all types of weather, which one year a dispatcher asked if I would take a load from Salt Lake City, UT going East over the Rockies on Christmas Day, and I said yes, and I am from the high desert of California over the hills from Death Valley so we rarely see snow in our yard, so I had a very nice Christmas running up over the nice snow covered mountain highways going towards Cheyenne, WY and plowing the recently covered roads of snow to make it safer for other drivers as I possibly had a gross weight of 60,000 lbs, and you do not want to get in front of me going down hill if you just happen to slip too much and want to put on your brakes. So that year, and many times over, I just loved to take the challenge of my driving skills to see how much more I could do to make it safer for others as many could not even drive on a half inch of snow or ice, yet I was doing it with fresh 3 inches or so. And for that I was able to have some nice presents as twice I got pictures of my truck in the company calendar with snow around it, even one had the snow falling while I took the picture, and that one the weather was so bad in the East they shut down many of the roads in many of the states and I was in Virginia, so I had a nice break.

Merry Christmas
Thank You.

Dan Mahnke

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